Africell zero rates information-based websites to fight Covid-19 

Friday April 10 2020


By Monitor Reporter

As the fight against Covid-19 rages, various private companies and institutions companies continue to join the battle.

Africell said in a Thursday statement that they are working night and day to maintain fast and reliable service and to give people what they need to be safe and healthy.

Though their stay safe campaign, Africell officials say in the statement that until further notice, all their mobile customers can access key websites related to health, media, information and e-learning, without using any data allowance.

This implies that if customers have  no data bundle on their phone, they can still be able to access information by clicking on the company website and the site will load and give them all the information they require even when their phone has no data.

“Africell decided to zero rate a number of educational, health, news and business websites to enable people access information easily. We are aware that people's lives have been disrupted by the lockdown and yet the need to remain informed only grows now more than ever,” Mr Edgar Karamagi, the company’s publicist said.

The company says they have launched a nationwide free emergency communication pack that comprises free 20 minutes and 20 Mbs valid for 3 months to facilitate emergency connectedness.


“To support Uganda’s national crisis response, Africell has taken immediate steps to optimise our services and raise urgent Covid-19 awareness. You may notice some changes, but these are designed to keep you safe and healthy while improving your daily mobile experience. More than ever, we are working hard to deliver Uganda’s fastest and most reliable mobile network,” a press statement by the company read in part.

Mr Karamagi, said that they have reduced fees on Africell Money to cut the need for customers to handle potentially unhygienic cash, by eliminating all peer-to-peer transactions conducted through the Africell Money service.