Do blood pressure tabs cause vaginal dryness?

Monday November 18 2019

Many Ugandan women are obsessed with vaginal

Many Ugandan women are obsessed with vaginal sex water squirting 

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Dr I take Lasix for pressure but it seems this medicine is instead causing me virginal dryness. Can I stop taking the drug?

Dear Salma,
Vaginal dryness is one problem usually resulting from reduced female hormone oestrogen levels that may occur at any age but mostly during menopause, breastfeeding, and hormonal contraception among others. Also, vaginal dryness may result from a woman being not well aroused, being stressed or anxious apart from medical conditions such as diabetes or Sjogren’s syndrome,
Many Ugandan women are obsessed with vaginal sex water squirting (which water is said to originate from the skene’s periurethral glands usually dubbed the female prostate), that they will take herbs or any conventional drug rumoured to bring out this water. Lasix is a conventional drug that leads to passing copious amounts of urine but it is not responsible for the water squirting which occurs with female arousal and orgasm.
When a woman is sexually aroused, the bladder is shutoff to prevent passage of urine during sex. So, taking Lasix to produce more urine will not cause sex water squirting and in fact may cause dehydration risking temporary vaginal dryness.
Perpetual vaginal dryness during sex can lead to painful sex, loss of sex drive apart from failing to reach orgasm which can impact on your marriage requiring finding out the cause of vaginal dryness and addressing it if possible, to stem the said problems and save marriage as well. You need to see a doctor to help you also review your Lasix medication for high blood pressure.