When it is hot, I get a rash

Sunday February 17 2019

The cheeks and other parts of the face are some

The cheeks and other parts of the face are some of the common areas of the body where one can get a heat rash. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Now that it is hot, I get a rash allover my body. Do adults also suffer from heat rash?

Dear Malcolm
Heat rash (miliaria) develops in both children and adults during hot and humid weather conditions when the sweat pores become blocked not allowing formed sweat to escape. Babies have immature sweat glands that may not effectively remove the sweat they produce so that in hot/humid weather the pores of the sweat glands end up blocking more often leading to the rash.
However, even adults can get the rash, especially in skin areas where parts of the body rub against each other or against tight clothes, (such as between the inner thighs, neck or under the arms). Also, when adults are overdressed, exercise intensely, on certain medications (clonidine) or have a fever just like children may get this itchy heat rash which may fade when the skin is allowed to cool. Heavy creams or lotions can also clog sweat channels and cause the rash. Some people may get heat rash and others may not with medical treatment being necessary only if the area becomes infected.
Avoid exercising in hot, humid weather, wear loose cotton clothing, use air conditioning and shower often.