Put those empty wine bottles to good use

Wednesday September 4 2019

Step 1, wash the bottles, ensuring all labels

Step 1, wash the bottles, ensuring all labels are removed. Step 2 to 5, choose paint colour of choice, use a small brush to paint from top to bottom, then leave to dry. PHOTos by desire mbaabali 

By Desire Mbabaali

Wine bottles can easily be recycled. They are equally easy to get and there is so much you can do with them in terms of beautifying your spaces.
There are a number of ways to put wine bottles to good use, but here, Judith Muwanguzi, an interior designer, discusses how you can give them a better face by painting them as flower holders.
Firstly, get empty wine bottles of any shape or size, though Muwanguzi notes that having more than two bottles that look alike might give you better results, though assorting them in a variety of shapes and sizes can work as well.
Wash them properly both inside and outside, ensuring that all and any labels are properly removed for a neat and clear finish. Let them dry for about 10 minutes and if possible, turn them upside down so that any water inside drips away.
Next, select the colour of paint according to your taste and preference which you will use to give your wine bottles a new and fresh look. You can have more than three colors painted on the bottles.
Muwanguzi also notes that a couple of designs can also be employed according to how one decides to be creative. You can paint them a plain colour, a number of colours, in patterns or dotted. In our creation, we decide to use just two colors.
The best paint to use on this is preferably acrylic paint, because of its fast-drying advantage.
Depending on which color you want to come first, get a portion of the same and mix with a little water on the side. Using a small painting brush, paint the bottles from top to bottom, careful not to touch any painted area.
Leave it to dry for about 15 minutes, paint another round a layer of paint, for the color to be thicker, and leave it to dry.
After the first color has dried, mix another color and, using a painting brush, paint in desired designs and leave the paint to dry as well. According to your judgement, if you feel like making it thick by painting another layer of it, do so, and let it dry.
After this, your creation is ready for use.
To use, place your bottles in your desired position, like the dining table as a center piece, on window sills, on your book shelf among others, and put flowers (Either artificial or natural). For natural flowers, pour water into the bottles to keep them fresh for a longer time.