The art of cooking

Friday January 17 2020

There was a debate between a few friends on whether cooking is considered an art or not, so while some were adamant that it was an action of mixing ingredients, mostly according to a recipe, others were convinced that it was not just that, and considered it an art.
I am from the second school of thought, not only do I consider cooking an art, I believe that just like people with green fingers, there are people with a magical touch on food, even if they use very basic ingredients and spices.
My mother had good cooking skills and my mother-in-law had magic in her hands. They both made the same type of mixed rice but the final taste was different, with my mother in law scoring perfect marks, every single time.
I also know two more ladies, both Persians with the same touch on food, needless to say that we were impatient waiting to be invited by them, for that would be a true feast for us. It just happens that I have also been branded as a good cook, and according to family, a top chef. I am not quite sure how correct they are, but apparently, they too wait for me to do some cooking for them. This appreciation, does not come without a price; the anxiety of how the food will turn out is among the ingredients in my kitchen.
Whatever the case, I believe that one has to truly love cooking and invest time and implement patience to achieve a good outcome. And while this might seem like a vain endeavour, I challenge anyone who does not appreciate a well cooked, delicious and mouth watering meal.
If one likes cooking, it somehow becomes a habit to look for recipes to try. While I have more than 10 volumes of cooking books, with the Internet evolution, it’s been a while since I opened any. A simple touch on my computer, and hundreds of recipes are just a click away. It has also become a trend for famous chefs to open accounts on social media, attracting thousands of fans to follow them. Of course there are very good financial gains behind all this, as companies pay them hefty amounts for ads. I have been encouraged by some friends to find my following too, and my reply is, an absolute no, my cooking will remain non-commercial.