Drama as Museveni gives Shs100m to former opposition members

Monday October 10 2016

President Museveni

Kampala- Members of NRM in Mengo, Kampala, last week had running battles with Mr Museveni’s guards as they tried to reach the President to hand him a petition.

The drama was captured during the launch of Muyoka Sacco last week where Mr Museveni handed members Shs100m to mobilise themselves into income generating activities.

NRM members were challenging President Museveni’s action to hand money to people, majority of whom were recently drafted into NRM from the Opposition.

Muyoka Sacco is composed of more than 3,000 members who were recruited by a former DP member Rose Kafeero ahead of the February 18 elections to consolidate NRM’s support in Kampala.

However, Mr Museveni told grumbling members that, “this Sacco was for you to work and get out of poverty”, adding that challenging the Shs100m “handover was bad manners”.

“I talked to you when I was coming. This Sacco is not only for former members of the Opposition. Even other NRM supporters are free to join and benefit,” he said.


Kampala minister Beti Kamya clarified that she was convincing various Kampala-dominated Opposition groups to vote President Museveni come 2021.

“My strategy, your Excellency, is to take such (Sacco) services to the people and explain that they are entitled to benefit whether they are in the Opposition or not,” she said, highlighting that the NRM needs to woo members who don’t support the party.

Last month, President Museveni handed another group in Mulago Shs100m but it was later discovered that the group was not registered.

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