Dropped Ministers Bakabulindi, Azuba to focus on private business

Monday December 16 2019
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A Photo montage of Mr Charles Bakabulindi and Ms Monica Azuba Ntege

Works and Transport Minister Monica Azuba Ntege has welcomed her redeployment from cabinet. She says the new posting gives her enough time to concentrate on her private life and business.

Azuba who has served as Minister of works for the last three years, was on Saturday replaced with General Edward Katumba Wamala, the former State Minister for Works.

She says that the redeployment is an opportunity to work on the businesses that she was not able to accomplish while manning a busy docket like the Ministry of Works adding that she has now been relieved of some of the pressure. 

Azuba says she enjoyed working in the Ministry, and will now take on the mantle as a Presidential advisor.  

“I have enjoyed serving with His Excellency by the way. I have learnt quite a lot, and I will continue to serve government as I continue with my other life. That Ministry is very busy and there is hardly any time for you and your personal life. I have really been hardworking,” she said in an interview with Uganda Radio Network.

Meanwhile Charles Bakabulindi, the Minister of State for Sports who was dropped says he will now concentrate on his work as the Workers Member of Parliament, which he says is also very tasking. 


“I have served and I am still serving my party and the workers. I thank my President because I have served for a good number of years. You take it normally and continue with life and serving your people. We are like soldiers; today you are on ‘katebe’, another you are deployed,” he said.

Bakabulindi says he is a strong sports lover and he will be able to still influence in the Sports sector. He has been replaced with Ajuri county MP Hamson Obua.