26 Entebbe groups receive Shs41m under Discretionary Development Equalisation Grant

Friday November 8 2019

Entebbe Photographers Association chairman

Entebbe Photographers Association chairman receives a cheque from Division B chairman Stanley Namayirira. Photos by Eve Muganga 

By Eve Muganga

At least 26 groups from Division B in Entebbe Municipality have received Shs41.5 million from the government under the Discretionary Development Equalisation Grant (DDEG). DDEG is a revolving government of Uganda programme targeting the poor and unemployed youth in all the district of the country. The money is not returnable.

The municipality Community Development Officer Mr Frank Ssekagiri advised the groups that received the money to use it appropriately in order to benefit them even in future.

“I advise you to properly use the money received because it’s your responsibility. Use this money well and benefit from it and get out of poverty,” he said on Thursday after giving out the money to beneficiaries.

“We thank government for the opportunity, they were 79 groups that had applied but only 26 groups were successful. Other groups that didn’t make it will be considered in the next financial year. Even though this money won’t be returned, we are going to follow it up after six months and those that would have misused it will not be given another opportunity if any,” Mr Stanely Namayirira, the Division B chairman, said.

The chairperson of Entebbe hair and cosmetics
The chairperson of Entebbe hair and cosmetics parlour receives a cheque from Division B chairman Mr Stanley Namayirira

He appealed to different political players against involving themselves in partisan politics. He added that the project intends to uplift different groups of people regardless of their political affiliations.


“This program doesn’t discriminate anybody. You are entitled to receive this money as long as your group has all it takes to receive this money because it’s from the government,” he said.

Among the groups that received the money include; Entebbe urban farmers Association, Entebbe cultural troop, Kiwafu west tailor’s association, Entebbe mushroom growers association, Entebbe Photographers Association and Entebbe hair and cosmetics parlour among others. The groups received different amounts of money, depending on the number of members.