Land Forces commander Elwelu constructs personal prayer alter

Monday December 2 2019

A sacrifice alter   that Lt Gen Peter

A sacrifice alter that Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, the Commander of Lands Forces (inset right), erected at his home in Kalaki District. He says it will be used to offer animal sacrifices to God. Photo by Simon Peter Emwamu 


T he Commander of Land Forces, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, has preached against the spirit of dishonesty and murder while launching his self-built temple christened “Eloim” and a stone for offering sacrifices to God.

Gen Elwelu, who hosted President Museveni at his home in Anyara in Kalaki District at the weekend, said the “heavens” told him on August 14, 2017, to build a house of worship.

He said the world is full of jealousy, murder, fighting and malice, including among church leaders.

Gen Elwelu asked God to use his voice as trumpet to advance His word, punish the guilty and acquit the innocent.
“Wipe us of our rebellious acts, our sins are always in front of you,” he prayed.

Gen Elwelu commanded the military raid on the palace of the Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere in 2016 in Kasese District where more than 100 people were killed.

He is among the people whom the Opposition is seeking signatures to take to International Criminal Court to answer alleged crimes against humanity.


Some MPs from Kasese have also petitioned the ICC seeking the court to investigate Gen Elwelu for the Kasese killings.

Calls for patriotism
Gen Elwelu said the spirit of patriotism was lacking among Ugandans, adding that people prefer to be associated with their geographical identities.

“It is the reason we have been having problems, but we are here today to break the curse so that we have a new beginning. The Congolese, irrespective of their troubles, love to be identified by their country, this is lacking here,” he said.
The general said the stone of offering was built because places of worship have been defiled and thanksgivings offertories are taken by spiritual leaders.

“This stone thing is meant for that purpose, we shall not involve you Mr President in this thing. We shall do it when you are not there,” he said.
In his remarks, the President said the actions of an individual are more important than sacrifices and advised people to offer them privately.
“I agree with General Elwelu, they can do it privately because Ugandans are superstitious. If they hear that Museveni was sacrificing a cow, they will say that all cows in Uganda will be finished,” Mr Museveni said.