IGP Ochola orders arrest, trial of drunken  cop

Monday February 17 2020

ASP Yasser Masinde Okot,

ASP Yasser Masinde Okot, in deep sleep.  


The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola has ordered for the arrest and trial of a police officer, who was photographed while sleeping on a bar floor.

Pictures of ASP Yasser Masinde Okot, who was in deep sleep, went viral on social media platforms on Sunday.

Mr Okot is the head of Busoga East Region Information Communication Technology unit.

Videos showing Mr Okot dancing inside the bar were also widely shared on social media platforms.

 A police officer who preferred anonymity to speak freely, alleged that Mr Okot is diabetic and had been warned against consuming alcohol.

 According to the officer, Mr Okot has repeatedly been picked from bars by his colleagues, after blacking out.


Police Spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga confirmed on Monday that Mr Okot is diabetic, epileptic and  alcoholic.

He said that the IGP has decided to take stringent action against Mr Okot because he has been cautioned severally by the police leadership and medics, to shun alcohol.

Mr Enanga said that Mr Okot was on the fateful day, found unconscious in his compound in Bugiri town.

He said that his colleagues took him to hospital but after recuperating, on that particular day, he went to a nearby bar to drink alcohol.

 Mr Okot, according to Mr Enanga, faces charges of discreditable conduct contrary to Section 44 of the Police Act.

Once convicted, Mr Okot could be dismissed from the police force. He will be tried at Busoga East Regional Police Headquarters.

Last week, Mr Ochola ordered the Police Court, chaired by Senior Commissioner, Mr Charles Birungi, to swiftly try Constable Nathan Kanyesige, who featured in a video clip, drunk and ripping documents at his workstation in Butambala District.

Mr Kanyesige was charged with irregular conduct. He was found guilty, convicted and dismissed from the police force.

Mr Ochola said Mr Kanyesige’s conduct was out of order and tainted the image of police.

The IGP, according to Mr Enange, will dismiss police officers who drink themselves silly.

ASP Okot
ASP Okot