Police introduce digital system to track errant drivers

Monday June 24 2019

A traffic police officer demonstrates t

A traffic police officer demonstrates to the deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi how a gadget can track errant motorists. Behind them is Dr Kasiima, the ector of traffic in the police force. Photo by Police Press Unit  

By Monitor Reporter

Police have introduced an electronic Express Penalty System (EPS) that will be used to track drivers who default on the payment of fines that are issued to them by police officers under the Express Penalty Scheme.

Mr Steven Kasiima, the Director of Traffic says the automated EPS will reduce the number of drivers who dodge the payment of the penalties.

He said that using the system, defaulters will be tracked because all driving permit numbers and vehicle number plates are captured in the system.

The EPS, according to Mr Kasiima runs on portable electronic machines and printers will replace receipt books.

He says some drivers have unpaid penalties worth Shs5 million adding that it will no longer be the case because the automated system tracks the location of vehicles whose drivers are trying to dodge the payment of penalties and fines.

He says the system has functions to identify offenders, track vehicles with pending penalties, read vehicle number plates and driving permit details.


Dr Kasiima said that more than 1,400 traffic officers have been trained on how to issue receipts to offenders.

Under the scheme, motorists whose vehicles will be found without valid insurance cover will pay a fine of Shs40,000, obscured number plates Shs40,000, drivers with no valid permits Shs100, 000; and a Shs200,000 fine will be issued to drivers whose vehicles are in dangerous mechanical condition..

Last year, police collected Shs8 billion in fines from errant motorists.