Youth drop yellow, blue piglets at Parliament, protest Shs200m cars for MPs

Thursday September 15 2016
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The youth scuffle with parliament police officers as the piglets roam around the premises. The youth and the pigs were later arrested. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa.

Two members belonging to the Jobless Brotherhood pressure group have this morning dropped piglets at Parliament to protest the government’s decision to award Members of Parliament with Shs200m each for new cars.

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Contrary to the previous occasions, the pigs this time were painted in two colors- yellow and blue allegedly to signify the two main parties in parliament (NRM and FDC). Photo by Abubaker Lubowa.

Mr Joseph Mubiru and his colleague Ferdinand Luta arrived at Parliament at 9:50am with about 10 piglets in four sacks. Contrary to the previous occasions, the pigs this time were painted in two colors- yellow and blue allegedly to signify the two main parties – National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Forum for Democratic Change – in Parliament.

Upon arrival, the pair opened the sacks, letting loose the piglets to roam around the premises. However security officers moved to thwart the protest, arresting the youth and their piglets.

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A police officer kicks the piglets off parliament premises. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa.

This is the second time that the Jobless Brotherhood members are protesting with pigs at Parliament. In July 2014,

Youth enter Parliament with pigs to denounce corruption  

Wednesday June 18 2014


Parliament- Two youth on Tuesday beat Parliament security to stage an anti-corruption demonstration at Parliament. The demonstrators pulled two piglets that were painted in yellow and dropped them in the parking area of the House.

Mr Norman Tumuhimbise and Mr Robert Mayanja, were dressed in T-Shirts detailing a litany of complaints. Some of the slogans on the T-shirts described the youth as members of the “Jobless brotherhood.”  

Parliament security including regular police, Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate officers and members of the Special Forces Command attached to Parliament arrested the two young men and detained them.

Security was seeking answers not just about their motives but also how they managed to beat security with their pigs.

“Security is still interrogating them to establish what their motives were,” said Ms Helen Kawesa Parliaments Senior Public Relations Officer, “until police has spoken to them and established details about their motives and how they entered Parliament that is when I will have more details to share with the media.”

Pressed on how they beat Parliament security, Ms Kawesa said: “All I know is that they are still with security which is interrogating them.”

This reporter who was standing in the main parking area on the northern wing of Parliament saw the youth emerge from the gate of the President’s office dragging their pigs to Parliament.

They proceeded to the steps leading into the main entrance of Parliament as security, clearly caught off guard run to shut the main metallic doors that lead MPs and visitors into the main lobby towards the entrance to the chamber.

The demonstrators who were blocked at the last security check area retreated to the parking yard.

One of the hogs which was attached with a laminated tag that read:  “Yes M. Pigs, Corruption Constituency,” was injured as police officers struggled to arrest the youth.

State Minister for Industry Mutende Shinyabulo and other MPs pulled out their phones to record the rare spectacle.

Last year, anti-corruption activists in Kenya staged a demonstration at Parliament with pigs painted with messages attacking MPs.


. The demonstrators at that time also carried two piglets, painted yellow- the (NRM) color.