Involve Prisons in wealth creation

Monday January 20 2020


By John Michael Ikara

The Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) programme which is under the stewardship of Gen Salim Saleh (Caleb Ankandwanaho) is relatively doing a commendable job compared to other defunct government programmes and projects that aimed at lifting the masses out of abject poverty.
This is evident by the stories published in the media and those shared by beneficiaries in implementing communities.

However, I would suggest that if this particular programme is to attain its original stated objectives to the fullest and in an efficient and economical manner, it is prudent for the strategic level leadership of the OWC programme to consider co-opting the Uganda Prisons Services in its activities.

It is undisputable fact that the Uganda Prisons Service as a correctional state organ has since the colonial era been engaged in training and it is known for its best practices on farming as a discipline.

The service boasts of large scale farms and industries which are managed in a modern and professional manner by highly skilled and experienced staff of the service. It also has better storage facilities spread countrywide for preservation of farm inputs. For example, Namalu Prison Farm in Karamoja Sub-region, Rugore Farm in Gulu, Isimba in Masindi and Rwimi in Kabarole District, among others.

These farms are currently model farm units engaged in mechanised farming. Engaging the Prisons service which has a vast experience would make tremendous contribution to the programme.

To supplement the existing efforts by the UPF personnel deployed under the OWC programme, it is logically prudent for government to enlist and exploit the specialised competencies of the Uganda Prisons Service human resource (active and retired) by deploying them to work hand-in-hand with UPDF soldiers.


The synergy of the two disciplined forces would undoubtedly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the OWC programme.

It is high time the responsible I authorities thought of partnering with Prisons for the success of the programme.