Uhuru dismayed of Golola fight recall

Sunday June 2 2019

Fighter Moses Golola launched his kickb

Fighter Moses Golola launched his kickboxing rematch last Tuesday. File photo 


KAMPALA- Salim Uhuru, the Uganda Boxing Commission president, was “so disappointed” by the cancellation of the boxing fight between Moses Golola and Ongom Kizito, aka Kasumaali, which was slated for Heroes Day [June 9] in the middle of Wilson Road.

It was going to be a unique arrangement, the first of its kind. But promoter Eddie Gombya cancelled it after his main fighter Moses Golola launched his kickboxing rematch with Umar Semata at Sheraton Hotel Tuesday.

Worse still, promoters Abitex and Balaam spiced up the promotion by labelling Golola the People Power fighter and Semata NRM. Both fighters agreed to proudly represent the rival political movements, donning their red and yellow colours respectively, from the build-up to the fight night on August 3.

Step By Step promoter Gombya labeled Golola “immature and unprofessional” and canceled the boxing event “to avoid any eventualities.” “This is the second time Golola is pulling out of this fight. What if we insist on him fighting and he disappoints the fans again? What if the fans stone peoples buildings?” Gombya told the press at Uhuru Restaurant Friday.

Still, Uhuru is disappointed: “I put in a lot of effort lobbying for clearance for this street fight and wasted KCCA’s and Police’s time to inspect the scene. I’m really disappointed by the cancellation.

“It would be in order to launch the kickboxing fight after the boxing one is finished. I think Golola rushed and Gombya, the promoter overreacted.


“And boxing and kickboxing are two different entities but involving People Power can pose a political threat. But all in all I’m so disappointed. It’s not easy to get that clearance.”

Meanwhile, Gombya is contemplating compensating “the innocent” Kasumaali for his time and money.