She Cranes sure they will adapt in Liverpool

Sunday July 7 2019

She Cranes’ Mary Nuba greets First Lady Janet

She Cranes’ Mary Nuba greets First Lady Janet Museveni at the flag off. PHOTO BY PPU 


KAMPALA. The She Cranes, Uganda’s netball team, will not take more than three days without adapting to the Liverpool weather conditions, according to former team doctor Steven Norman Merica.
The team set off to England for the Netball World Cup on Friday at 4pm aboard Emirates Airways.
Merica, who has been in charge of their health during the three months in training camp, says the team is lucky that it is now summer in United Kingdom.
“This kind of weather does not so much differ from Uganda’s weather, characterised by rainfall and sunshine, so it will not affect the players,” he said.

However Merica advised the She Cranes to take a lot of fluids so as to avoid dehydration.
“From the moment you step out of an air-conditioned environment you begin to sweat profusely. The sweat in turn, does not evaporate easily, and the body is forced to work harder still to remain cool,” he said. “In that kind of weather people do not like taking water but I advise the She Cranes to take a lot of fluids to remain hydrated,” he added.
Goal attacker Rachael Nanyonga, who played in the previous World Cup in Australia, says the Ugandan team is used to most weather conditions.

“Our bodies are resistant to several weather types and there is no need to worry about the weather in England. We were there last year, though it was cold, we managed to play the Test Series,” she said.
Meanwhile the team also packed local food stuffs including Matooke, Posho and Gnut Paste among others, according to the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) president Susan Anek which they will feed on while in England.

Dates: July 12-21
Host: Liverpool, United Kingdom
July 12: Uganda vs. England
July 13: Uganda vs. Samoa
July 14: Uganda vs. Scotland