UGU’s Kihika offers to help NCS with law formulation

Friday January 31 2020

Pact Sealed. NCS’ Ogwel (R) soon after handing

Pact Sealed. NCS’ Ogwel (R) soon after handing over a certificate to Uganda Golf Union president Kihika yesterday. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA 


You can easily describe Uganda Golf Union (UGU) as one of the prodigal children.
Six years after they were deregistered as a national association, UGU returned to the family yesterday.

UGU president Innocent Kihika received received the association’s certificate of registration at the National Council of Sports (NCS) offices in Lugogo.

Golf, like all other sports federations, was required to register again after the 2014 regulations were passed to operationalize the 1964 NCS Act. This brings the number of associations to 51.

“I am delighted on behalf of all golfers to receive this recognition,” Kihika said. “After the new regulations were passed, we had a lot to undo and that has taken us time but now we are back.”

On his part, NCS General Secretary Dr Benard Patrick Ogwel, a member of Lira Golf Club, called upon UGU to use their networks for the betterment of sports.

“We want you to use your broad network and expertise among senior citizen to support the development of sports,” Ogwel implored Kihika.


He also reminded Kihika of the need to remain compliant and follow government systems. “The reporting mechanism is very clear and also the planning cycle is known so when you need support, these must be adhered to,” Ogwel advised.

During the recent National Associations’ Sports Forum where the ‘archaic and obsolte’ law was cited as one of the major hindrances to development.

Kihika, a lawyer, offered to help with formulation of the new one that has been gathering dust on the shelves for the past few years, something the state minister for sports Hamson Denis Obua welcomed.

He reiterated the same on receipt of the certificate, a gesture which Ogwel embraced wholly. “We call upon UGU and other members of sports to help us review the law,” Ogwel requested.