Dating one person saves you the headache

Thursday November 1 2018

Dear ex you cannot date my friend sister


By Christine Nakalungi

Years ago at a friend’s wedding, the groom told his lovely bride: “My dear Sandra, just know that I chose you among many women. One friend at the table who had perhaps had quite too much to drink made fun of the statement, “hahah how many were they?” He asked. “Shush” an old woman signaled.
When the speech had ended and the music was playing as the couple danced, a friend turned to Fred (a friend who was tipsy by now) and said angrily, “Do you think everyone is a player like you?” They argued until ushers forced Fred to leave the table.
Apparently, Fred had a record of toying with women. He was easy to the eye and most women fell prey to his charms. He used his good looks, sense of style and money to trap as many women as he could. God knows how many women have cried over that man. He was the kind who was easy to promise marriage to as many women as he could.
As a matter of fact, two of the women at the table had fallen victim to his charming ways but they realised how selfish he was and moved on. They were married and according to a close friend to Fred, when he saw these two exes, one was pregnant and the other was seated with her husband, he fell apart.
He was a lonely man who had wasted chance with beautiful women as he played games and now he was regretting why he never settled.
Many people have this tendency. It might be a good approach to finding the best partner but a risky one too. Love is a risk, you might say, but the fact that some people test their own fate is absurd. Are you the kind who does not want to date one man or woman at ago? Then you might want to strategise how you will pick up the pieces after both of them have found out how unfaithful you were to them. Some people are lucky not to be caught but others lose the best candidate in the process and either end up lonely or with plan B, C or D.
Dating many people at one time is draining because for starters, meeting all their needs will drive you crazy. With such a habit, you can be certain that you will spend most of your life looking over your shoulder in fear that the other might find you and cause a scene.
I think it is best to lower your risk of high blood pressure and love one partner at ago.