The Toyota Isis is a complete package

What you need to know:

To these motorists, the Toyota Isis is a complete package of reliability, practicality, durability and safety for them and their families

Doreen Kayesu 

I fell in love with my Toyota Isis because of its ample interior space. Although it was manufactured as a seven seater vehicle, it can comfortably accommodate a family of eight because it has two more foldable seats in the trunk. When I am travelling upcountry and I have luggage to carry, I fold the back seats to create more space.

I run a kindergarten and when all the vans are in the field, I sometimes use the Isis to transport a small number of children to their homes. It is affordable to maintain because it runs on a relatively smaller engine of 1800cc. Before the recent increase in fuel prices, I would fill the tank with Shs170,000 and would get 55 litres but lately, this costs Shs250,000.

From my home in Najjera in Kira Municipality to my workplace in Naguru, Kampala, a full tank of fuel will last two weeks. However, because of traffic jam at various places on my route, I sometimes use a bit more fuel.

Moses Baguma

I previously owned a Toyota Ipsum which I sold due to its unfriendly fuel consumption. I found the Isis a better choice even when the two cars are almost of the same size. The difference was in the engine sizes. The Isis gives a much better mileage with its 1800cc engine capacity. When driving on the highway, a litre of fuel gives me approximately 14kms and approximately 10kms when driving in urban areas that have slow moving traffic. 

At relatively high manageable speeds, the Isis gives you high stability levels, especially when it is full. You will hardly feel the car vibrating or shake as you drive.

It is a car I can drive from Kampala to Gulu in northern Uganda without stopping on the way. This is because it has enough legroom which enables passengers to travel in comfort. The passenger seats can also recline to create sleeping space, especially when travelling with children.

When I travel upcountry and I am working on a tight budget, I park it in a safe place and sleep in the car to minimise costs.

John Baptist Kavuma  

I initially, I wanted to buy the Toyota Nadia but fell in love with the Isis, especially when I learnt about its friendly fuel consumption. I specifically chose one that runs on a four wheel drive (4WD) system that could manoeuvre through marrum roads without getting stuck since I often travel upcountry.

Although the 4WD system is synonymous with increased fuel consumption, my Isis’ consumption will not increase regardless of whether I engage the system or not. The only time I use more fuel is when I get stuck in traffic jam.

When it comes to its service and maintenance, I go to the garage once every three months and I spend Shs200,000 to replace major lubricants such as engine oil, engine coolant, automatic transmission fluid, brake pads, oil filter and air cleaner, among others. It is a car whose mechanical conditions you can easily diagnose by listening to the sound it produces especially when you have driven it for some time.


Power   130 - 158ps

Drive type AWD/FF

Engine capacity   1,794 - 1,998cc

Fuel consumption 13 - 15km/litre


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