The X-Trail is a suitable family car

What you need to know:

According to motorists, if you are looking to buy a new family car, the Nissan X-Trail will tick all of your boxes as well as provide you with some added extras you never knew you needed

Bruce Barigye   

I have had my Nissan X-Trail for three years. One of the features I like about it is its 4WD system. In the best mechanical condition, I can drive on any marrum road even on a rainy day without getting stuck. It is a small car that runs on a small engine of 2,000cc but its engine performance is compared with that of a Land Cruiser or Land Rover.

The X-Trail does not have the best ground clearance but it is raised enough to make it easy to drive even on rough roads. However, to do this, your suspension system, especially the shock absorbers have to be in the best mechanical condition. 

To avoid spending a lot of money on fuel, I fill the tank once every two weeks. When there is enough fuel in the tank, the filters, pump and engine will not be thirsty for fuel. Here, its consumption rates will be low since there is already unburnt fuel in the system.

However, if I refuel with say Shs20,000 or Shs50,000, when I start the engine, it will take time for the fuel to reach and circulate throughout the engine before it starts.

A full tank of 60 litres will take me from my home in Naalya, a Kampala suburb to my workplace in Ntinda, Kampala for two weeks. On average, I spend Shs450,000 on fuel in a month.  

Richard Wamala

I   bought my Nissan X-Trail in 2020. I had previously owned the Nissan Skyline but needed a raised car and one whose engine capacity did not exceed 3000cc.

The Nissan X-Trail was a perfect choice since it is affordable to maintain. For instance, since I do not drive it daily, I only take it to the garage once every five months. I spend approximately Shs250,000 on minor service to replace engine oil, brake pads, transmission fluid, engine coolant, air cleaner and a few other parts as recommended by the mechanic. There has not been any need to replace major spare parts other than the tyres that cost Shs Shs180,000 each.

To maintain the X-Trail, I use the best quality engine oil, high octane fuel and service on time.

Thomas Kagaba 

I bought my X-Trail 2006 model in June 2022. Although it appears small from the exterior, its interior is spacious. Unlike some sport utility vehicles whose rear passenger seats do not recline, those of the X-Trail can be reclined flat to create space for luggage. My particular version has two rear seats in the trunk to accommodate two passengers, to make a total of seven passengers.

Whereas the driver and co-driver have enough legroom, the passengers in the middle and rear seats will be a bit squeezed. They, however, have enough headroom because of the car’s raised roof.

On the highway, depending on how heavy your acceleration foot is, the X-Trail will cover approximately 14km per litre of fuel and approximately eight to 10 for urban drives with slow moving traffic.

It is also stable and can be driven at 100km/hr and remain stable without shaking or vibrating. 

Safety. The X-Trail has dual, front, side chest and side head airbags as well as autonomous emergency braking, excellent seat belt reminders to the front and second-row seats and lane departure monitoring.


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