Innovation must be the cornerstone of every business, says Dr Shonubi 

The new Orientile steel roof tile, according to Mr Arodi, is a mark of innovation that combines the exotic aesthetic appeal with a wide cover width to make it a premium roof profile. Photo / Courtesy 

What you need to know:

  • According to Dr Shonubi, it is not enough to innovate. Innovated products must be driven by market and user needs

Innovation and heightened use of technology must be the cornerstone of every business to navigate a sharp increase in competition as well as meet the need of customers, Dr Alan Shonubi, the Uganda Baati chairman, has said. 

Speaking at the launch of Uganda Baati’s Orientile steel roof tile in Kampala on Monday, Mr Shonubi said product innovation must be driven by market and user needs, noting that the Orientile roof tile, which is the newest addition to the big product basket of roof sheets and other steel building solutions, had been developed with the customers mind with focus on the environment, usability and durability, among other. 

“Technology has offered us an opportunity. It is now easier than before to understand what our customers need. We must use technology to sufficiently create products that serve the people,” he said. 

Uganda has been experiencing rapid growth in the housing sector, matched with an improvement in product innovations. 

Data from the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa indicates that Uganda’s households are projected to grow from 2.9 million in 2020 to 3.8 million by 2025, supported by a boost in locally manufactured building materials to meet growing local demand for housing and construction. 

The growth has further been supported by continued urbanisation, which requires the use of quality, standard and durable products. 

Uganda Baati has been one of the key players in the steel sector, building on years of experience to provide quality roof sheets, supported by an efficient supply network that is spread across the country. 

Mr George Arodi, the Uganda Baati business head, said because Ugandans have continuously chosen Uganda Baati products, it is a mark that indicates that the products that the company innovate are appreciated.  

“We will not tire from innovating,” he said, noting that because of this consumers have been endorsing Uganda Baati as the provider of quality roof sheets with the most recent endorsement coming through the People’s Choice Awards 2022.

The Orientile roof sheets, Mr Arodi said, combine the exotic aesthetic appeal with the widest cover width thus making it a premium roof profile to crown homes.


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