A welcome addition to the boonies

What you need to know:

Sundays are always a day out for my family - my young son Kalibala and his mother; all in all, a day to explore new eating joints and places where the boy can play and romp around unfettered. Naturally, having a toddler means one has to be quite circumspect in matters of the type of food on offer at the chosen rendezvous and sometimes it’s preferable to brown bag it for the lad than to offer him something strange and not to his taste.

Place: Sizzlers and More.
Location: Along Gaba Road, next to Timber King.
Rating: X.
Smoke-free zone: Not allowed indoors.
Type of food: Sizzlers and Indian Cuisine.
Price range: A meal for two with a few drinks will cost at least Shs55,000.
Recommended dishes: Vegetable mix grill platter, chicken tikka.
Service: On the whole not bad though they badly lack a supervisor or somebody of rank (at least the Sunday that we were there this was the case).
Ambience: Good and we liked the parquet floors.
Sound level: Acceptable.
Opening hours: Lunch and supper every day.


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