‘We cannot spend more than five hours without speaking’

What you need to know:

Journalist Canary Mugume and his wife Fiona Nagirinya have been married for a little over a year now. They share their journey and lessons learnt thus far

It was his charm that attracted her to him and being a good listener was an added advantage. Fiona Nagirinya Mugume aka Sasha Ferguson, also admired Canary Mugume for being a man who pays attention to detail. The two met in 2013 at Wavah Broadcasting Service (WBS) Television, where he worked at the time. He on the other hand fell in love with her simplicity and made an effort to let her know that he was smitten by her.

The feeling was mutual because Nagirinya had been observing his character traits, including selflessness, honesty, willingness to wait and confidence. The two dated for three years and the memories are still so fresh, especially the times they would go out on dates and use the same boda boda to go back home.

Mugume remembers that for every date, Nagirinya was always smartly dressed and always wore high heeled shoes that made her look elegant. This made him fall in love even more. He would never let anything hurt her.

So, on the days they shared a boda boda, he would play the protector role by allowing her to sit between him and the rider.  Here, he would be able to shield her from the wind and other obstacles.

“Because we always travelled on a boda boda, we would reach my home with all my hair and makeup out of place. However, this did not deter Mugume from loving me the more and after three years of dating, he popped the question,” she says.

The proposal

In her own admission, his proposal was mind-blowing. To him, it was a day he was willing to go all out to prove to the woman he loved that he was ready to spend the rest of his life in her company. And what is that one thing that one thing that made the day stand out?

“Everything, especially the effort he had put into planning the day and how he planned with my best friend to get me to the venue without me knowing about their plan. On that day, I saw a man who loved me genuinely and with all his heart,” she says.

But not everything went well on the day.

 “I got a stomach upset, I think because of the excitement,” she adds.

Even after the engagement, the two purposed to finish their studies and develop their careers with support from each other. After this, they would get married and start a family. Most of all, they talked about the marriage they wanted to have, one that was transparent, and full of communication. Even when they are busy, the two lovebirds say they cannot take more than five hours without talking; emphasising the importance of communication in a relationship.


As a couple, the biggest challenge the Mugumes have faced is living their relationship in the spotlight, which raises so many expectations and judgment from the public. Finance is also a sticky issue but this they have solved by agreeing to share expenses. They also agreed that a certain percentage from both their salaries every month goes towards a joint savings’ account and this money will be used for future projects.

They remain each other’s biggest support system with a clear appreciation that their relationship is built on a Godly foundation and has values they highly respect.


The lessons and tips Canary and Fiona Mugume share is for young couples to be patient and supportive of each other.  The lovebirds tied the knot at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral in Kampala and celebrated their first year anniversary in September.

“Today is our wedding anniversary, it is just a momentary celebration but our marriage is a timeless celebration we do everyday,” Nagirinya posted on her Instagram.