Bonding activities to try with your better half

Thursday September 17 2020

If you want to avoid getting bored with your relationship or drifting apart, it is important to find ways to spend time together as a couple. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

By Joan Salmon

One of the reasons many couples start drifting apart is boredom. However, before your marriage takes that route, how about finding ways to bond better. 
Esther Nsubuga, a counsellor, says bonding is not automatic and it requires work. “Sometimes, it is hard work hence calling for patience, compromise, and creativity,” she says. 

Making time to go places with your significant other is a great way to bond. Nancy Aketch, a travel enthusiast, says couples do not have to spend much to travel, as a trip around your town can be a start. 

Ride your bicycles as you laugh off stress. You may want to add a thrill to it by racing, as this will bring out the child in you while giving you that much needed refreshed feel,” Elijah Muhwezi, a fitness instructor, shares. 

While it may not be such a common thing in Uganda, there are places such as Sanyu Babies Home, where one can volunteer to take care of the babies. “Whichever charity is dear to you as a couple will help you spend time together in a meaningful way,” Nsubuga shares.

Visit art shops or galleries
If you have a passion for art, then you may want to have your ears on the ground for any art showings. “You may also take a stroll through art markets, such as those held at the railway in Kampala or at the Constitutional Square for some colour pop, although these are yet to reopen,” Sheba Nekesa, a crafts maker, shares.

Whether you feel like one with two left feet because you always step on your partner’s toes or feel too stiff to dance, putting your heart into learning how to dance will better your teamwork. “So, whether you must watch several videos to make it work, or go to a dance studio, dancing will cause you to work together and cause you to be responsive to your spouse so you can dance well. You can go for salsa, ballroom or rhumba, depending on what you desire,” Reycab Mwesigwa, a dance instructor advises.


Put the strain out of it and think about preparing together, or shopping for a new pair of shoes together. “If you are the fit couple, you may want to register for competitive runs as you will also bond while you train prior to the race,” Muhwezi says.

You may not know how to do it, but how about learning? Go for a massage class and learn how to oil each other, learn the pressure points and what they relieve as well as where not to apply pressure. 
“You will be on your way to helping each other on those stressful days while bettering your sex life,” Nsubuga shares.

Visit family
It may seem common knowledge that we visit family. However, Nsubuga says when a couple visits each other’s family members, there is a sense of care that the other feels.
“Some partners may stop at dropping off their spouse to their family member’s home and a greeting before they dash out. But if it becomes a habit that, at least once a month, they visit a family member on either side, some bonding happens and a sense of feeling loved is developed.”
The list of activities a couple can engage in to bond better is endless. You can also become creative and turn a hectic activity such as gardening to allow you time to talk, laugh, and share while keeping your compound neat and tidy.

Side hustle
Build something new with your partner. There is no better person than your partner to start a new venture. Take your entrepreneurial skills to a new level and find ways to earn some extra income. Starting anything from scratch requires a lot of enthusiasm, motivation, and courage, so why don’t you make your partner your biggest support system?