Brian dated Doreen for seven years

Brian Ssemaganda Katabazi and Doreen Mutonyi sign their marriage certificate.

What you need to know:

Chapter closed. Brian Ssemaganda Katabazi and Doreen Mutonyi are lovebirds who found love in church and to them meeting in church was something that indicated that they were meant to be. The couple spoke to Phoebe Masongole about their love story.

Brian Ssemaganda and Doreen Mutonyi met at Gospel Glory Church where they were ministering.
 “I met Brian Ssemaganda Katabazi when I was in A-level at church in 2013. I joined the worship team where Brian is a leader,” she says. 

She always loved the way he ministered, more so when it came to worship although they did not know each other and each minded their own business at the time.

“Indeed we never talked at individual level because everyone was there to serve God,” Brian recalls.   
In 2014, Doreen went to study from Namisindwa District and the only person she got in touch with was Herbert Buyinza, a youth pastor. Herbert used to call and check on me, but whenever he came to the end of the conversation, he would pass regards from Brian.
Brian says he felt he was missing Doreen’s presence even when they did not talk thus settled for sending her regards.

Return to Kampala
In September 2016, Doreen returned for university studies in Kampala.  She studied while working and continued to attend church. 
“I failed to balance the three, church, work and school because two were demanding. I had to forego Saturday choir rehearsals at church to concentrate on work,” she says  
 “One Saturday I called Doreen to find out why she had not come for rehearsals, but when she explained I understood,” Brian recalls.

“I started to involve myself in worship evenings which consisted of moving to different churches to minister and due to long distances we would return tired and Brian used to check if I reached safely,” Doreen says, adding that his next step was him always texting and calling every morning to check on how her night was.

Opening up
In  November 2016, Brian professed his love for Doreen.
“Brian said he loves me but, it was kind of shocking because I was now used to our friendship and I felt that love would not work for us,” she relates. 
Doreen says she did not make it as smooth for but him rather asked for some time to think about it. 
Doreen started praying and, shared it with her church elders who stood with  her in prayers and  she says, “surely I got the confirmation from God”.
“I was patient and praying too for God to reveal to Doreen as my true love,” Brian explains. 
 Even though God confirmed Doreen, Brian says he remained hesitant because she discovered few qualities she had desired in a man of her dreams. He was tall and God-fearing.
 She says; “Because God revealed him to me several times and confirmed him as mine, I accepted him  as I requested God to grant me the special grace to love him more and more.”  
Proposal  and  previsit 
In 2019, the couple had a day out at Hunter’s, a hangout in Bukoto. Midway the fun as they laughed so loudly, the next thing Doreen noticed and heard was Brian asking her, “Will you marry me?”
She responded, “Definitely, yes.” 

The couple prepared and successfully had their previsit on January 29, 2022 in Bupoto Village in Namisindwa District; at Doreen parents’ home. 
“My relatives were happy to meet my husband’s parents and came to a consensus so fast,” she says. 
On Saturday 29, the family of Brian officially went to Namisindwa to  introduce themselves to Doreen’s family 
“The weather changed so fast with minimum rains but this did not stop anything instead we counted it a blessing,” Brian says. 
During preparations the couple was assisted by a committee who stood with them in organising meetings plus making sure everything was in order.  On January 21, the couple exchanged vows at the Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church, Makerere on Gaddafi Road at midday. The Rev Headson Nyanzi and Pastor Solomon Ntulume took them through the counseling session and presided over the wedding.
“We later on went to Kololo alleys for the photoshoot and after, headed to reception grounds at Salvation Army Main Hall on Lugogo Bypass. 
“We thank God for His grace upon us, thank all the friends, brethren in Christ, our parents, service providers and church. May God bless you,” the couple says. 

Quick notes 
Bridegroom: Brian Ssemaganda
Bride: Doreen Mutonyi
Reception: Salvation Army Main Hall
Church: Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church Makerere
Make-up: Faith Beautiful Pearl
 Rings: Shs200,000 
Suit: Shs500,000
Guests: 300
Gown: Shs1.5m


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