I do not regret patiently following her like a sniper 

Thursday June 03 2021

David and Diana Kamaali tie the knot in a ‘scientific’ wedding presided by Archbishop Samuel Kazimba at Namirembe Cathedral. PHOTOS/SAM CALEB APIO

By Guest Writer

A man’s success has a lot to do with the kind of woman he chooses as his wife.

Diana and David Kamaali chose to “mature” their seven years of dating with a millennium celebration and in 2000 declared their love for each other in a traditional marriage witnessed by their mentors and council of elders led by Dr David Kazungu, then Ambassador of Uganda to France and Eng Patrick Batumbya.

Twenty years down, and with three children from their marriage ‘probation’, they made it official in 2020 at Namirembe Cathedral. Their vows were presided over by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Samuel Kazimba assisted by Bishops Wilberforce Luwalira of Namirembe Diocese, Samson Naimanhye of Busoga Diocese, Samuel Egesa of Bukedi Diocese and Patrick Wakula of Central Busoga Diocese.

Ambassador of Uganda to Turkey Stephen Mubiru and head of Human Resource Novic Group of Companies Rachael Sekagiri were bestman and matron respectively.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the scientific do had limited but quality representation from across the divide.

These included Busoga Kingdom’s Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muvawala, as well as Esther Mbayo and Moses Kizige ministers of Presidency and Karamoja respectively. Guests were later hosted to a sumptuous reception at Pearl of Africa Hotel where the couple had their one-week honeymoon under love and marriage isolation


“Our marriage is blessed and Biblical five bishops, 40 guests at reception, white colour theme, the seven years of dating and patience when divided by the 21 years we have stayed together accounts for the three products of our love,” Kamaali describes their long lasting and blissful marriage.

Last weekend they held their one year anniversary luncheon in the same hotel and checked in to Namirembe Guest House for a three-day marriage retreat.

“Covid-19 gave us an opportunity to live closely, rekindle our love, trust and responsibilities and we realised like never before that we made the right choices gifted and blessed by the Lord.

What they have learnt

David ‘spotted’ Diana during a district children’s event when she, as the headgirl Kamuli Girls, presented a moving poem about the ‘Girl Child’.

He was the headboy at St John Bosco SS Kamuli then.

They later met at university where they both offered Social Sciences. They would share space, again in the Administrative Law lectures at Law Development Centre.

The family relations between Diana’s mother and the late Livingstone Isabirye, David’s close associate facilitated the initiation of the love relationship

“I envisaged my dream wife and ‘heartbreaker’ as a brilliant and beautiful woman who would be the mother to brilliant children. Diana had these and so I followed her patiently like a sniper. I have not regretted,” he adds

David reveals the 21 years have brought out the caring, hardworking, industrious and perfectionist values in Diana. When he lost his job at Parliament, she supported the family singlehandedly including keeping the old parents happy. The children did not lack anything and did not realise he had lost a job. 

Diana loves it all saying under her lock and key is a handsome, understanding and generous gem who is always there appreciating and responsive even when nagged.

“Daudi is too generous and hardworking and always wants to help. This, I attribute to his humble background. He has a soft spot for vulnerable persons and keeps and values friends,” Diana explains.



While David concentrated on investing in the Starlight Education Centre schools in Kamuli and Namasagali, Diana chose to construct a family home.

This is because, she says, in the African setting a person with a grass thatched hut and children is more valued than an unmarried one with mansions in the city.

She therefore, put her resources and savings to setting up a home, and ‘we are almost there.’

 “We now stay in our own compound though not to the desired standards yet,”she says.

The lovebirds also supported each other to complete school, acquire more certificates and build capacities without fear of losing each other.  Diana, who holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University also got support to study for another Masters in Business Administration and Accounting at ESAMI while David studied a short Management and Project Planning course to beef up his Human Resource papers.

They used the association of friends for him to rise from a sub- county chief to District Human Resource Officer before being employed as Principal Personal Assistant to the Speaker of the 10th Parliament. 

Words of Wisdom

From their experience, they counsel those in relationships and courtship to keep off rumours, build their relations on love not material things and keep their relations lit by the fear and blessing of the Lord.

“Love and marriage are learning classrooms where you discover each other and have to be present, available and open every day. You also need to make corrections, keep taking notes and self-evaluate but above all, after enrolling into marriage, stay and complete the course,” they counsel.

“Love and marriage are learning classrooms where you discover each other and have to be present, available and open everyday. You also need to make corrections,  keep taking notes and self-evaluate but above all, after enrolling into marriage, stay and complete the course,”.