Pepe Minambo writes to awaken the sleeping giant within you

Pepe Minambo, a renown motivational speaker and author.  PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • 12: Number of chapters of Be inspired before you expire by Pepe Minambo.

Pepe Minambo’s life is inspirational in so many ways but mostly because he has done what most people (read intellectuals) put off out of fear or laziness and live to regret. He set out to live an aspirational life and got the guts to write it down and share his journey with the world. 

Probably due to the language barrier, one does not see that many books authored by our DRC neighbours. Minambo has authored plenty of books but I read two of those; Be inspired before you expire and Beyond limits. Both books have a common theme which is finding and fulfilling one’s potential. The author has given himself the not so easy task of becoming a cheerleader for humanity. Knowing that the biggest tragedy is for one to die with unfulfilled potential, Minambo sets out to help people find their purpose and gently guides them on their journey of self-discovery.  

While he is all for finding oneself, Minambo also encourages action. It is okay to get time to come up with all these great ideas but then after that you must put them into action. He reminds the reader that everything in the world today, be they innovations, technology or the clothes on your back, they all started as an idea. The difference between them and the greatest ideas in your head is that they were put into action.

He strongly believes that many of us have ideas that would turn us into billionaires and impact our world positively but we are unable to achieve that because we lack the gumption to chase them and enough fire for the long haul. So we settle for the scraps of other people’s dreams for the rest of our lifetime; if that is not real tragedy, I do not know what is. 

Minambo notes that another reason most people fail is fear of failure so he shares the kind of wisdom that will help people boldly face their fears and go after their goals. 

Having lived an eventful life himself, Minambo shares lessons about how one can make the most of it. The first lesson is not to let our past experiences hold us prisoner; learn from your mistakes, celebrate your achievements and move on. As he says, do not become like the cat that goes through life with a fatal fear of sitting on stoves because it sat on one stove that burnt it in its past.  

He also encourages us to never stop dreaming because it is never too late. As the Chinese say, if you wake up today and realise you should have planted a forest 10 years ago, then go out and plant one today to avoid having the same regret 10 years later. 

The author notes that while going after our own success, we must also learn how to nurture relationships with others because the world is not a one-man show. Take time to understand what makes other people tick and learn from them but do not try to be them. He appreciates the fact that each individual is unique and they have a unique journey. 

So do not stop to compare your life with that of your peers but focus on your own. He also stresses the importance of having the right image. We live in a superficial world and that is not about to change; so try to project an image that would not make people reluctant to associate with you. Invest in your appearance; get the right wardrobe, walk and talk as a prosperous person and you will be surprised how that easily opens doors for you.

Using his own life story of overcoming a dysfunctional family background, language barrier and lack of resources to establish a successful career, he reminds us to never lose hope.

He demonstrates to us that if none of his circumstances was able to keep him down, we too have a chance at living our best lives if we only try.