Unwind at Sipi Falls

Groupies have fun at Sipi Falls. PHOTO/ANITA MUYAMA

What you need to know:

  • Chillax.  At Sipi Falls, nature lovers catch breath-taking views are hard to miss. You will feel like you are talking to the water, greenery.
  • Hakim Male tells Anita Muyama about the magical experience at Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa District.

“After discussing what we had to include on our bucket list for the year, we agreed upon visiting Sipi Falls because we were so curious and interested in learning about the Sebei people and their culture. However, adventure too stayed atop the list. We were eight and wanted a memorable day,” Hakim shares.

He says, after booking a van for the trip, they met at Shell Kireka. They set off.

The journey  
Since we had planned for a two-day road trip, we did not drive directly to Sipi. Hakim cracked jokes, sang and it triggered high school trip memories. 

“We made the first stop at Najjembe close to Mabira Forest to enjoy the roasted meat and chicken, then we proceeded to Jinja and toured around the new bridge, we took pictures and again got on the way,”he adds. 

They arrived reached Mbale City, and Hakim was excited because it was his first time there. They had a beautiful view of Mount Elgon.

A night in the city
It was dark so they booked Mbale Resort Hotel as it was the closest and known. The groupies toured the whole city in the night because it was the only chance they had. 

“We slept  at 3am and went to the hotel for a refreshment and rested,” he notes. 

The next day in morning, they all woke up and enjoyed breakfast, then continued with their journey. From Mbale, they visited Nyero Rock paintings, then proceed to Sipi Falls.

At the falls 
With the help of the tour guide William, they were able to get more information about Sipi and the neighbourhood. 

Sipi is characterised of three falls, each with different features. 
Hakim says the first fall is about 75m and the shortest of all which does not require hiking while here, you are able to see the water splashing on the rocks as it creates a cold steam.

The second fall is 85m with a few exciting features thou as you approach the third fall, there is a cave which is a good for camp expeditions. When you are at the last fall (the tallest of all), you are able to view the beautiful sceneries of Mount Elgon, the plains, sunset on the top of the falls which are so splendid.

“However for a person to reach the top of the falls, it needs a bodily fit person and healthy as it requires more energy,” he supplements adding:“I loved the view, and the photos that seemed like water was flowing into your mouth, or washing your hands using the waterfall.”

The famous water back drop at Sipi Falls. PHOTO/ANITA MUYAMA

You are able to do a variety of activities at Sipi Falls such as hiking, swimming and diving.
William explains that Sipi River is one of the rivers which flows from the top of Mount Elgon—a cliff- to the bottom creating a series of rapids flowing to Lake Kyoga.

Then, loud silence reigned over the atmosphere, the evening become so cold and the groupies spent a night at Sipi River Lodge. The next morning, they returned to Kampala.

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