Ekudu tips on career progress

Saturday April 17 2021
By Promise Twinamukye

Have you ever wanted to start something but you cannot get yourself to actually get that thing out of the way? Well, many people get stuck in analysis paralysis and this can become a bigger problem during critical situations.

Where a decision needs to be made, someone is unable to provide a response fast enough, potentially causing a bigger issue than they would have, had they made a decision.

The Urban Dictionary describes analysis paralysis as the total inability to reach a decision. The primary source is management/owner requests for more information, reports, studies, statistics, evaluations, opinion, and research on a subject.

All of this requested research and study is accompanied by endless, mindless, discussions in multiple meetings regarding the subject and the compiled information.

The end result is no decision is made. An overload of options can overwhelm the situation and cause this paralysis, rendering one unable to come to a conclusion.

Away from corporate entities, think of a business that you have always wanted to start.  What about a course that has taken you forever to decide on pursusing?


Hope Ekudu, the chief operations officer at Dfcu bank, leads a team that supports transactions such as clearing, transfers and procurement. She believes upping one’s skill, knowledge and networks facilitates career progress.

“Competence can be built by reading about a venture and appreciating the opportunities available in that path before actually diving into it. There could be an opportunity, but you will need to prove that you are worthy of the opportunity to stay afloat,” says Ekudu.

Understand your environment

Appreciating the dynamics of one’s workplace will help one forge a way through.

“I have been lucky to work with bosses who like to work with women. There are also areas people believe women are better at in terms of trust and availability. But I have seen instances where women bosses are not supportive of fellow women,” she says.  Being treated differently by a fellow woman who should in all aspects be more supportive hits differently. But if you cannot get the help you need from them, look for other ways to survive.

Delegate some tasks

According to Ekudu, because women multi-task and are able to do much, they sometimes get stuck thinking they can do it all on their own.

However, using a support system and taking advantage of it can help them deliver better results.

“You cannot be at office, at school and at home at the same time and expect to deliver quality work. Distribute work to other people and focus on the most important  things,” she says.

That side hustle

It is quite challenging, especially for corporate women to have a side hustle because they are trying to focus on their daily tasks at work.

“Women probably have a family to take care of, siblings, parents and I think because we tend to have many obligations, we are afraid of taking risks that will affect other people and the normal routine of the work we normally do,” Ekudu says.

Doing research and understanding what you are getting into in addition to the willingness to take a risk is a great start, she says.

She added that without losing, one may not be able to gain the experience they need to get on in their career life. One of the challenges that we face as a country, especially when it comes to financing businesses, is we do not have a product that is really driven for women.

While some companies have come up with projects to finance women businesses such as Dfcu, Ekudu believes there is much more that can be done to support women led businesses and to help them understand what they need.



If you have decided on being a banker, take interest on what happens inside the bank. Understand the rules that exist there because they will give an idea of what you signing up for. Get the skills and challenge yourself to be better at what you do. Keep doing interviews, keep applying for those jobs so that when you land on a job, you know what to say and do.

If you find that you are going through your routines much quicker and more efficient in addition to getting bored while at it, then you are probably at a point where you need to make a change. If you have a feeling that there is a little more you can do, then probably your gut is right.