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Guests enjoy a meal at the Copper Chimney. The ambience is  alluring. PHOTOS | A. KADUMUKASA KIRONDE II

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  • Review.The Sunday buffet at Copper Chimney gives one a sense of good food, writes A. Kadumukasa Kironde II.

The dining out scene in Kampala, besides being terribly crowded is also fickle. The best way of survival is to create an angle that will succeed in setting the place apart from the numerous competitors who abound in and around Kampala. An excellent example, in regards to the angle aspect, in terms of Asian Fare Copper Chimney’s Sunday buffet is proving to be a tremendous winner and seemingly unbeatable in this genre of food. With such a game plan, price and quality are paramount and must not be underrated.

 With the cost of fuel having virtually doubled since the beginning of the year not to mention the high cost of food and other such related items currently obtaining, it is a tough call for the restaurant industry. Consumers are keen to find ways of stretching their  shillings and dining out is becoming a rare luxury for many families. Scores of restaurants are experiencing dwindling patronage with many wondering how they are going to survive these turbulent times. It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good and Copper Chimney appears to have found a solution to this problem by creating a Sunday buffet that is proving to be popular with virtually SRO.

Fish is one of the dishes prepared at Copper  Chimney. 

Coupled with this, is the pricing factor making it eminently affordable and all this for a reasonable Shs35,000, while similar buffets (not necessary Indian) are charging Shs50,000 and with less to offer. 

For starters, we were served tali machli (deep fried fish) plus chicken tikka masala both served with a dab of freshly made chutney. We were thrilled that such a substantial starter should form part of the menu, all the more considering that normally the two items would have cost at the minimum the price of a buffet at Copper Chimney. 

Main course

The main course and the choices are legion with more than a fair offering for the vegetarians and a plethora of meats for the carnivores. A buffet setting has its pros and cons, unfortunately, in Uganda one finds that a real buffet, in the accepted sense of the word, more often than not is conspicuous by its absence. How often have you been invited to a kwanjula or wedding and the food is rationed as though it is going out of style. Functions aside, dine out in any restaurant featuring a buffet and the trend is to have waiting staff assiduously stationed behind the food faithfully serving patrons and making sure that one is given a smidgen of rice, Irish potatoes, yams, vegetables, yams, especially when it comes to chicken and other meat. By the way, going for seconds in these joints is strictly discouraged. 


We recently dined at Copper Chimney, the buffet they serve is amazing for its abundance, quality and pricing. For starters, their Sunday buffet is an absolute no bars hold affair to the point where one can go back as many times as one so desires always being assured that the chafing dishes are replenished. The waiters are also to be complimented who make certain that when the time comes for seconds the used plate is removed and one starts afresh with a new plate and fresh cutlery.   

In these times of biting the bullet it is a joyous relief to discover such worthwhile bargains as the Copper Chimney buffet and indeed it came as no surprise to see the vast majority of diners being Asians with their families which says a lot; good news travels fast. Their presence is not coincidental but a reality of the truth; the food is excellent, well-prepared and authentic while at the same time affordable and the service is good.  


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