The mystery of Gomesi origin

NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe wears a modern Gomesi at a recent function. PHOTO BY Faiswal kasirye

What you need to know:

Traditional wear. In every Ugandan society, the Gomesi is worn at most functions. It is the trademark of a typical Ugandan woman. But where did the popular attire come from?

The history of ‘Gomesi’ dress in Uganda is obscure. The exact date when the first Gomesi was sewn, the tailor who made it and the first person to wear it has remained a mystery. Nonetheless, there are two versions about the advent of a Gomesi to Uganda.
The first version claims that the Gomesi was first sewn by an Asian (Indian/Goan) tailor called Milagres Gomez who was residing around Mengo Hill, near Kampala Township in 1905 or on Bombo Road near Gayaza village.


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