Archbishop Kaziimba rallies Ugandans to vote  

Monday January 11 2021

Stephen Kaziimba, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. PHOTO | FILE

By Ephraim Kasozi

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr Stephen Kaziimba, has rallied Ugandans to go and vote on Thursday to decide their leaders and avoid regrets in future. 

“Do not say I am tired of voting because voting settles disputes, calms down the powerful people and it is a Godly-given right that no one should miss,” Dr Kaziimba told the Anglican faithful during a service at his Namirembe residence yesterday.
The head of the Anglican Church in Uganda also called for peaceful elections. 

“I appeal to everyone to do their duty of voting. God gave us the right to vote and the Constitution also provides us the right. 

“The Bible guides on this voting because it settles any disagreements,” Dr Kaziimba added.
According to Dr Kaziimba, people are required to vote to determine who is more powerful but God chooses who to lead.

“Even among clerics, voting is done to choose who to lead us in the next term but we need to know that it is God who determines. You go and vote but there is no need for violence,” he said.

“After elections, it is not the end of the world because Uganda is still around. This election is not the end, so do not choose death but instead after the exercise, start something new,” the cleric added.


“Every person needs each other and it is important to know that after losing, there is no need for violence or causing bloodshed or death of another,” said Dr Kaziimba appealing to the Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure fairness in the electoral process.

He asked security agencies to respect Ugandans and allow them vote freely without intimidation.