Mother, 4 children  killed in home fire

Monday January 18 2021
By Andrew Bagala

A mother and her four children died in a house fire suspected to be an act of arson in Katooke Village, Nansana Municipality in Wakiso District on Saturday.

Police identified the deceased as Darren Namutebi, 30, Aisha Birungi, 13, Jennifer Nanyonjo, 8, Mugenyi Seguya, 7, and Israel Ntulume, 6. 

Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said they suspect an electric short circuit to have caused the fire.

He, however, said the residents including the only survivor, Mr Moses Bogere, the husband and father of the deceased, say it was a petrol bomb.  

 “Mr Bogere said he heard something hitting the window in the sitting room and it was followed by a loud bang and a bright light,” Mr Owoyesigyire said.  He added: “The person that the residents suspect to have been behind the case appeared at police, but he denied the allegations. We are holding him to help investigations and also protect him from angry residents.” 

According to a police report, the fire started at 1am in the living room where the four children were sleeping and later spread to the bedroom where the parents were.


Mr Bogere and Namutebi were rescued by the residents who dug a hole in the wall, according to police.

However, Namutebi re-entered the house after realising that her children were still inside to rescue them, Mr Owoyesigyire said.

“The residents say efforts to restrain her from risking her life failed. She was trapped by the fire and also died inside the house before she could save anyone,” he said. 

He said forensic experts have taken samples from the scene to establish the cause of death. 

“All the bodies will also be examined to establish whether petrol or any other inflammable liquid was used or not,” he said.