Rwenzururu king appoints new cabinet to run kingdom

Wednesday August 19 2020

Rwenzururu King (Omusinga) Charles Wesley Mumbere and his wife. PHOTO | FILE

The Rwenzururu King (Omusinga) Charles Wesley Mumbere has appointed a new cabinet with whom he is going to run the cultural Institution, ahead of a possible return to the kingdom nearly four years after the palace attack.

The kingdom has not had a cabinet since January when the Omusinga appointed a Prime Ministerial Commission that had been running the day to day activities since the aftermath of his arrest on November 27, 2016 during an army raid on his Buhikira palace in Kasese Town.

The Omusinga together with more than 200 others were battling charges of treason, terrorism and murder, among others.

King Mumbere made the first move on August 10 when he appointed former Busongora North Member of Parliament Mr Joseph Kyle Muranga as prime minister of the kingdom.
Mr Muranga’s appointment dissolved the Prime Ministerial Commission.

Sources within the royal family say he chose Mr Muranga, a known cadre of the National Resistance Movement who no longer has plans to return to politics, in a bid to build a good relationship with the central government.

“Right from the prime minister down to the ministers, selection was carefully done to ensure there are no people who still want to use the kingdom as a ladder for their political gains,” the source said.


Others are
•Edwin Kugonga is Deputy Prime and Minister/Finance
•Alfred Makasi, Attorney General
•John Thawite, minister of Information
•Lucy Kabanyoro, Minister for Inter-Cultural relations
•Yowasi Thembo Muyamba, Royal Protection
•Juliet Best Bakoko, Minister of Cooperatives
•Lawrence Turiganya, Minister of Education and Sports
•Aidah Lou Syauswa, Minister of Gender
•Sele Masereka Bisusa, Minister of Lands
•John Baluku, Minister Health and Nutrition
•Erikana Baluku, Culture & Tourism minister
•David Bwambale Kongolo, Deputy Attorney General
•Doreen Masika, Deputy Finance minister
•Naume Mbambu, Deputy Gender minister
•Joel Kaguta, Deputy Spokesperson