Speaker Among condemns Besigye arrest as Bobi Wine ‘stands in solidarity’

Security operatives drag Dr Kizza Besigye back to his home compound mements after he was intercepted and arrested on May 12, 2022. PHOTOS/ ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

The Speaker of Parliament Ms Anita Among Tuesday tasked the Attorney General (AG) Kiryowa Kiwanuka to compel government, especially security operatives to revise their approach and manner in which they handle political and human rights activist Col (Rtd) Dr Kizza Besigye and other unarmed citizens.

In her message to security organs deployed at Dr Besigye's home in Kasangati, Wakiso district since May 12, 2022, Ms Among demanded that security organs tone-down their excessive force used on the four time presidential contender.

“I don’t think that was correct. Attorney General, I want you to talk to our people (security operatives,) especially if you are handling someone who isn’t armed. [Their use of excessive force] is what makes us have issues of human rights. Advise them on how they should handle everybody,” Ms Among said.

 She added: “So, I want you to follow up this issue with security forces and advise them on how they should handle everybody; even those in Opposition. I mean we are the same [people] because today they are handling Besigye like that, tomorrow it might be you. Let us be fair to everybody.”

‘Humiliating’ arrest

This came after Bukonzo West MP, Mr Atkins Katusabe, asked Parliament to reign in on Besigye’s “himiliating arrest” last Thursday and subsequent preventive detention at his home for now five days.

“Besigye is a national leader. He is a parent and brother to somebody. I don’t think anybody enjoys these ugly scenes that have gone to taint this country,” Mr Katushabe said.

He added: “I demand that if it pleases you, Parliament calls to order, specifically the commanders that roughed up and degraded Besigye. They should be identified and investigation carried out through a due process.”

The National Unity Platform (NUP) principal and former presidential candidate, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has also condemned Dr Besigye’s detention which he described as a punishment he’s being subjected to for daring to protest against the skyrocketing cost of living.

“Standing in solidarity with you Dr. Kizza besigye as you approach your 5th day under house arrest; a punishment you're being subjected to for daring to protest against the skyrocketing cost of living! The differences in our respective political approaches have not blinded us to the honour, fortitude and commitment with which you have gone about resisting oppression,” Mr Kyagulanyi tweeted Monday evening.

Lawyer intervene

A team of lawyers yesterday gained access to Dr Besigye’s home and vowed to sue government for damages as police separately warned that they would arrest any demonstrator.

The lawyers, who included Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Mr Gawaya Tegule, and Ms Proscovia Kunihira arrived at Dr Besigye’s home in Kasangati at 10:30am but were only allowed to proceed to the house at midday.

“We have been instructed to sue the government and the attorney general for the damages they have caused to Dr Besigye for this time they have been holding him,” Mr Lukwago said after their meeting with the political pressure group, People’s Front for Transition.  

Dr Kizza Besigye walking with other protestors before he was arrested near his home on May 12, 2022. PHOTO/ ABUBAKER LUBOWA

Police warns

During their weekly press conference, the police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga, said the use of illegal procession is not encouraged, indicating that FDC violated the rights of the community through disruptions in traffic flow, looting of shops, mugging and theft of phones from bystanders, provocative behaviours such as burning tyres and running battles with police.

“We, therefore, call upon Besigye to respect the rule of law and abide by the Public Order Management Act, in which they are supposed to inform police three days prior to their meeting, by indicating the date and time when they are planning to hold their procession, its purpose and other basic information that justifies their procession and assembly,” Mr Enanga said. 

Last Thursday, the police put Dr Besigye under what they described as preventive arrest after his attempt to mobilise Ugandans to rise up against the high cost of living, saying it was affecting vulnerable citizens.

Since June last year, fuel prices kept skyrocketing, which has affected the prices of other commodities.

On May 1, while addressing senior government officials, security operatives, and workers’ representatives, among other Ugandans who gathered at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds to celebrate Labour Day, President Museveni advised that those who cannot afford bread should eat cassava.

This dashed the hopes of Ugandans who were counting on government to initiate short-term interventions to cushion them against the skyrocketing prices.


But before his arrest last week, Dr Besigye said government should downsize Parliament, which has more than 500 seats, abolish Resident District Commissioners, and reclaim the money swindled by corrupt officials so that it can be used to enhance the salaries of civil servants and give relief to schools, as a way to arrest the situation.

Yesterday, Mr Gawaya said they would serve the police with the past court orders which prevent any security organs from putting Dr Besigye under house arrest.

“These officers are feigning ignorance of the court orders made by Kasangati Court and the High Court on this matter and we shall serve them. Dr Besigye is not in bad shape but the freedom for him to fend for his family, supervise his businesses and visit his doctors has been robbed from him. They want him to die,” Mr Gawaya said.


This is not the first time the former FDC president is rallying people over inflationary tendencies. 

Following the 2011 General Election, which led the country into record inflationary figures, Dr Besigye rallied the public into “walk to work” demonstrations before the police thwarted the activities which had gained momentum in many urban centres. Dr Besigye was violently arrested.