UNBS to crackdown on fake bread manufacturers

White bread. Bread consumers have complained about the product being fake with cases of underweight in parts of the country. PHOTO/FILE/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • Additionally, UNBS has told Ugandans to be cautious regarding people who masquerade as UNBS officials.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standard (UNBS) has vowed to crackdown on bread manufacturers who do not comply with their regulatory standards.

Lawrence Kitimbo, a senior legal officer at UNBS, revealed that they have been receiving complaints from the public against the quantity of some breads sold on market especially in ordinary shops.

“We are about to start operations and if we find anybody displaying or transporting bread that is underweight or does not conform to the quantity of bread labels on the package, we shall take actions against them ,” Kitimbo said during a meeting with manufacturers at the UNBS head office in Bweyogerere.

Mr Kitimbo added that the culprits will be prosecuted as he cautioned all people dealing in bread to be very careful and start working in accordance with UNBS regulations.

“You find the labels showing 500g yet the bread is underweight and this vice is mostly practiced by these ordinary shops such as retail shops compare to supermarkets,” he observed on May 30. 

Additionally, UNBS on Tuesday told Ugandans to be cautious regarding people who masquerade as UNBS officials. 

This was after Moses Ategeka, one of the industrialists who participated in the May 30 meeting, revealed that they have been disturbed by apparent security officers who stop their trucks and lobby a lot of money from them. 

Ategeka said some of the masqueraders disguise as security officers or as UNBS staff which he said confuses manufacturers. 

In response, UNBS’ National Metrology Manager Deus Mubangizi agreed that there are many masqueraders who raid companies illegally. However, he advised all manufacturers to be very vigilant and contact UNBS staff for help.

“UNBS always moves with police but it is done in an official manner. They should come in a UNBS branded vehicle, first introduce themselves and even introduce the police officers they have moved with,” Mubangizi advised. 

“But before making calls to UNBS, first get the real name of that masquerader from their national identity cards because they might impersonate themselves with names of our staff,” he guided.