University window opens for S4 leavers

Sunday August 01 2021

A man fabricates beds for Intensive Care Unit at a workshop in Banda, Kampala, on July 19. Education minister Janet Museveni has asked parents to encourage their children to join technical vocational training. PHOTO/RACHEL MABALA

By Damali Mukhaye

As parents and Senior Four leavers search for the next academic institutions to join, Nakawa Vocational College is urging the students to enrol for certificate and diploma programmes that can enable them join university.
The college principal, Mr Godfrey Fred Muwanga, revealed this in an interview with Sunday Monitor on Friday.
He said the college and the Japanese development agency (JICA) have collaborated to pilot the new programme where students who join the college for certificate programmes after Senior Four are supported to enrol for diploma programmes offered to students who qualify after sitting Senior Six.
Government upgraded the Nakawa-based vocational institute to a college, with support from the Japanese government.
“We have piloted a project where we support students who complete the national certificate to proceed for the two-year national diploma programme developed by the National Curriculum Development Centre, where they are assessed by the Technical Examinations Board to join university,” he said.
The programme
Mr Muwanga said the programme allows Senior Four leavers to acquire skills which can quickly set them on the path of earning a living and becoming independent of financial support from parents and guardians.
He said during the Covid-19-induced lockdowns in March last year and the recent one, their products were part of employees categorised as ‘essential workers’ because of their variety of skills required to run factories and other productive sectors of the economy.
“I urge Senior Four leavers to join programmes that prepare them for the world of work. These are skills that make you productive at the point of exiting the institution of learning instead of remaining a liability to your parents and guardians,” he said.
Mr Muwanga cited plumbers, electricians, welders, mechanics, machinists, machine fitters, electricians, builders, carpenters, among others, as the professionals they train through courses such as television, radio repair, electricity installation, repair and maintenance, refrigeration and air conditioning  repair, motor vehicle repair, wood work carpentry and joinery, solar PV, plumbing and pipe fitting, welding and auto fabrication, building and construction, and mechatronics.
He said mechatronics is a new set of skills supporting semi-automated factories where one person or only few are managing a factory floor in an industry.
Mr Muwanga also said they have introduced courses for professionals who repair, install and carry out maintenance works for solar equipment.
Education minister on vocational schools

Relatedly, while speaking at the release of the 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education exams results on Friday, Education and Sports minister Janet Museveni asked parents to encourage their children to join such technical vocational training.
Ms Museveni, who was speaking at State House Nakasero in Kampala, said: “There is a whole world of limitless possibilities in the technical-vocational training (TVET) sub-sector. However, it is also a path that our young people tend to despise. Even when opportunities open in TVET, our young people tend to shun them. Parents, please encourage your children to give serious consideration to this area of TVET,” Ms Museveni said.
“The UCE [Uganda Certificate of Education] that you have earned opens paths for you into the world of several post-secondary education opportunities. I come back to parents and guardians to say your children need you most at this point of choice-making. ‘Which path should I take?’ They may ask you,” she added.
The minister said those who have been focused and committed, have earned a decent living by putting to work the skills they acquired through TVET.
“I encourage our young people and their parents to seek more information about TVET institutions in your district or sub-region. Let your child know that TVET does open many more employment opportunities than they may find in the academia path, “Ms Museveni added.

Govt technical, vocational schools
Institution               District                 Courses
Abim Technical Institute    Abim        BCP, CJ, TCG, MVT
Ahmed Seguya Tech Inst        Kayunga        BCP,EI, MVT,CJ
Amugo Agro Tech Inst        Lira            AGR, BCP,MVT.CJ, TCG
Arua Tech Inst                Arua            BCP,EI,CJ,PL MVT
Birembo Tech Inst         Kibaale         BCP,TCG,CJ
Bumbeire Tech Inst        Sheema          PL,MVT,BCP,TCG,CJ
Burora Tech Inst        Kanungu         BCP,TCG,LTSM,MVT
Butaleja Tech Inst        Butaleja        MVT,EI,PD,PL,BCP, TCG
Iganga Tech Inst        Iganga          CJ,EI,PL,BCP, MV,TCG
Ihunga Tech Inst        Ntungamo        BCP,MVT,CJ,TCG
Kaabong Tech Inst        Kaabong         BCP,CJ,TCG
Kabale Tech Inst        Kabale          PL,BCP,EI,MVT,TCG
Kabasanda Tech Inst        Mpigi           MV,BCP,CJ,EI,LSTM,PL
Kabermaido Tech Inst            Kabermaido      BCP CJ EI TCG
Kabira Tech Inst        Bushenyi        PL EL CJ BCP MV AEM
Kakira Tech Inst        Jinja           BCP MVM PL EI CTR TCG
Kaliro Tech Inst        Kaliro          MVT EI CJ BCP PL TCG
Kalongo Tech Inst        Pader           BCP CJ TCG
Kammengo Tech Inst        Rakai           PL, EI, TCG, MV CJ
Karera Tech Inst        Bushenyi        BCP, CJ
Kaseses Youth                Kasese          BCP, MVM, EI, CJ
Kasodo Tech Inst        Pallisa         MVT, EI, TCG, CJ, BCP
Katonga Tech Inst        Mpigi           BCP,PL, EI, TCG, MVT
Kibatsi Tech Inst        Ntungamo        BCP, MVT, EI, CJ, PL
Kiryandongo Tech Inst        Masindi         BCP, CJ, MVT, EI, TCG
Kisoro Tech Inst        Kisoro          BCP, MVT, CJ, TCG
Kitagata Farm Institute        Bushenyi        AGR
Kitagwenda                Bushenyi        BCP EI MVT TCG
Kitgum Technical Inst        Kitgum          MVT, PL, CJ, EI, BCP, TCG
Kotido Tech Inst        Kotido          BCP, TCG, CJ
Kyamuhunga Tech Inst        Bushenyi        PL, CJ, BCP, EI, MVT
Lake Katwe Tech Inst        Kasese          MV, EI, CJ, BCP, PL, TCG
Minakulu Tech Inst        Oyam            BCP, CJ, MV, TCG
Moroto tech Inst                Moroto          MVM, BCP, CJ, TCG
Moyo Tech Inst                  Moyo            BCP, PL, MVT, EI, TCG CJ
Nakapiripirit Tech Inst         Nakapiripirit   MVT, PL, EI, BCP, TCG
Nalwire Tech Inst               Busia           MVT, PL, EI, BCP, TCG
Nkoko Tech Inst                    Mayuge          BCP, CJ, EI, MV
Ntinda Vocational Institute     Kampala         EI, PL, WMF                                         
Nyakatare Tech Inst             Kanungu         PLG, MVT, EI, BCP, CJ, TCG
Nyamitanga Tech Inst            Mbarara         BCP, CJ, PL, EI
Ora Tech Inst                   Zombo           BCP, CJ, TCG, MVT, EI
Rugando Tech Inst               Mbarara         MVT, EI, RTET, BCP, CJ
Rukungiri Tech Inst             Rukungiri       BCP, EI, PL, MVT, TC, CJ
Rwampara Farm Inst              Mbarara         AGR
Rwetanga Farm Inst              Mbarara         AGR
Ssese Farm Inst                    Kalangala       AGR
St Joseph Kisubi Tech Inst      Wakiso          EI, PL, MVT, BCP, CJ, WMF
St Kizito tech Inst             Masaka          BCP, MVT, TCG, CJ
St Kizito Madera Tech Inst      Soroti          BCP, TCG, CJ, PL, EI, MVT
St Peters Bukalagi Tech Inst    Mpigi           BCP, EI, MVT, TCG, PL
St Peters Mubende Tech Inst     Mubende         PL, MVT, EI, BCP, CJ, TCG
Tororo Tech Inst                Tororo          BCP, CJ, EI, MVT, TCG
Uganda Martyrs Tech Inst        Nyarushanje     Rukungiri BCG, MV, EI, PL, CJ, TCG
Jinja Vocational Training Inst  Jinja           EI, PL, MVT, BCP, FM, WMF
Lugogo Voc Inst                 Kampala         EI, PD, PL, BCP, CJ, FM, ELEC, AE, EM, WM WMF
Nakawa Vocational College       Kampala         EI, MVT, PL, BCP, CJ, FM, ELEC, AE, WMF