Protect the youth from secularism

Ivan Naijuka

It is exciting to be present as the Diocese of Kampala (DOK) celebrates her golden jubilee on August 21. 

In 1972 when the diocese was curved out of Namirembe Diocese, there was uncertainty about where, how and what it would look like 50 years down the road. 

Thankfully, the diocese has grown leaps and bounds, serving the capital city and the nation at large. 

As we mark this milestone, we reflect on the commitment that has been made and kept for so many years.

This year’s celebrations are under the theme; Ebenezer: His Mission - Our Priority (1Samuel 7:12; Matthew 6:33; Luke 4:14-19). 

However, we need to remember that all we have achieved has been by God’s help and we shall need His help in the coming years. 

As Christians commemorate this day, we should not forget God’s mission and make it our priority. God’s mission for humankind is to proclaim the good news to the poor, liberate the captives and oppressed, pray for healing and recovery of the sick. 

Through the years, the Diocese of Kampala in partnership with many people and institutions, has greatly been involved in extending God’s mission. 

The Diocese of Kampala has a unique perspective and approach to missiology. The mission of God can be explicitly stretched to the diverse cultures and people groups that come to the city for several reasons. 

This, for many years has been done in hospitals (Butabiika and Mulago chaplaincies), Luzira Prison, and Chaplaincy at Parliament to mention but a few.  The good news for this jubilee is, therefore, to keep the call and multiply the mission of God since all these are a soft ground for the propagation of the gospel. 

Something fascinating about Kampala is its vibrant and agile young population. We celebrate them but also decry of the hardships others go through to make ends meet. 

The generation is grappling with issues of unemployment, drug abuse, materialism, and exploitative world. Some have been taken advantage of by those who are supposed to care, mentor and groom them. 

The Diocese of Kampala is nurturing the youth and we pray that we birth a generation that will crave integrity and righteousness in this nation. 

Interesting to note is that since 1972, the world over has experienced many threats ranging from technological to political and environmental, among others. In Uganda, the Archbishop Janani Luwum, who was also the bishop of Diocese of Kampala, was killed by the government. 

Along the way the diocese faced many other threats such as grabbing church land, fast growing secularism, and high materialistic urban community, among others. 

However, God calls us to be vigilant and watchful as the Christian fraternity has been infiltrated by the false teachings of scriptures, a challenge that is a hard nut to crack.

As the diocese celebrates 50 years, I call to all Ugandans to- return to the lord in righteousness as Prophet Isaiah puts it in Chapter 54. 

Ivan Naijuka is the communications officer at Diocese of Kampala/All Saints’ Cathedral


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