Let’s welcome new law society leaders 

Tuesday September 15 2020

At the weekend, Uganda Law Society (ULS) elected a new set of leaders with the president being Ms Pheona Wall Nabasa. 
This is not really the news, after all, ULS has previously had a female presidents, the last being Ruth Sebantidira, who served from 2013 to 2016. 

What was worth noting was that all the leadership positions were taken by women with Ms Nabasa as president, Ms Diana Angwech as vice president, Ms Shane Gloria Musansa-Mugenga as treasurer and Ms Rita Namakiika Nangono as secretary. 
Exactly a month ago, President Museveni appointed Sarah Langa Siu as the new chief registrar to the Judiciary. She takes over from Esta Nambayo, who was elevated to the High Court Judge Bench. 

The appointment and election of these women and others such as Ms Sarah Kanyike, who was appointed as minister of State for Disabilities and Elderly, show that many women out there are capable of leading associations, ministries and organisations.

Not that this was in doubt. Women over the years have proved that they do have the capability to perform in the capacities they have been elected to or appointed to. 
However, the struggle continues to prove to people out there that many women have the skills to lead in various positions. 

Hopefully, these new appointments and elections will continue to show people out there that women have the capability to bring change, to improve projects and structures, and to generally put their energies into making this country a better place to live in. 

Of course, there is no doubt that women, just like men, can make mistakes, or even fail sometimes in one way or the other. But this should not be pegged on their gender. 


People make mistakes because they are human. Women should, therefore, be given a chance to prove that they can lead because they have what it takes, including the skills, the education and the goodwill of those who elect or appoint them. 

As the campaigns for the 2021 General Election get into high gear, let us look out for women who represent what we want, what we stand for and what we believe will work for us.

In our organisations and institutions, let us appoint women who will improve the standards and create an environment that enables people to succeed in their work.