Stymied Semitala returns to ponder on ‘key’ future

Thursday October 15 2020

Home Sweet Home. Semitala is in the country to ponder his future. PHOTO | DOUGLAS D. BUGINGO

By Douglas D. Bugingo 

When an extremely excited Rogers Semitala was coming to the USA in 2017, all he anticipated was sheer progress in his boxing career. 

Semitala knew how good and talented he was and no wonder he dreamed of conquering the bantamweight category. But there has been a sudden change of heart. Against the run of what statistically looks like a brilliant career, Semitala intends to persue something else. He wants to shift focus to another calling - pastor work.

Unhappy figure
The Ugandan prize fighter, who resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota - USA, is unhappy and a frustrated figure, all thanks to his manager Scott Toolsman of Twincities Boxing Promotion. 

With age advantage and such a perfect record of 10-0, Semitala has always been seen as next in line to holding the country’s flag in professional ranks after  Sharif Bogere, Ismail Muwendo, Sula Segawa and Edward Kakembo but his ambitions seem to be held aback by his own manager. 

The 24-year-old known for his power and determination has not had a fight in two years. Most unfortunately of all is that he has no formal explanation from his manager.

“Honestly speaking, I don’t have an answer to that question,” replied Semitala when asked why he has not fought in two years despite boasting of a record worth ululations and the hype. 


“I stopped asking him (Scott) why I am not fighting because everytime I did, he would lose his cool,” reveals the soft-spoken former Bombers captain.
Semitala, whose five-year contract with Scott comes to an end in 2022, said he has received numerous offers elsewhere but doesn’t want to breach his current contract despite being frustrated.

“I do love boxing and I know that I am good but at this point I am frustrated and sometimes I think about calling it quits. The only thing that gives me happines and joy currently is my God. I am a believer and I surrender all my problems to the Almighty God,” professed Semitala.

Three-month holiday
The orthodox power machine whose Boxrec status has since been deemed inactive, arrived in Uganda over the weekend for a three-month long stay as he reflects on his career and also seek guidance. With a vast amateur experinece that includes representing Uganda at the 2014 Commonwealth Gamed (Glasgow), Semitala is no stranger to success. 

Since his pro debut in 2016,  Semitala has been winning via knockouts except for his last fight in 2018 when he claimed a unanimous descision victory. 
In response to his boxer’s despondency, Scott stayed on the fence.

“If he is retired, he can return to Uganda as his status is based on his professional boxing career,” said Scott. “Of course he will fight again. I believe his promoter has had some health issues including three surgeries. That might have something to do with Semitala’s inactivity.”


2015: AFBC African Confederation Boxing Championships (Casablanca) Third place.
2015:  Uganda National Championships 1st place – versus. Marvin Omondi.
2014: Commonwealth Games (Glasgow, Scotland - 52kg lost to Bandara Rathnayake (SRI) 3-0 in the first preliminary round.
2014: National Trials 3rd Leg (Lugogo) 1st place – vs.Mohammed Kassim TKO 2nd round in the final.
2014: National Trials 2nd Leg (Entebbe) 1st place - won against Yasin Adinan 3-0.
2014: Uganda National Open 1st place – won against John Maseruka TKO 3rd Round in the final.
2013: East African Inter-Cities Club Championships (Mombasa) 1st place – vs Jackson Okwiri (KEN) by points.
2012: AIBA Youth World Championships (Yerevan) lost to Jose Acosta (VEN) 20:10 in the first preliminary round.
2012: Uganda Youth Open - 1st place.
2012: Inter-Cities Championships (Nairobi) 2nd place – lost to Isaac Mejor by points.
2011: Inter-Cities Championships (Kampala) 1st place – against Isaac Mejor by points.
2011: Ugandan National Open Championships 2nd place – 52KG.

Full Names: Rogers Semitala
Date Of Birth: 31/08/1996
Place of Birth:  Uganda
Amateur Club : COBAP
Professional Career
Fight record: 10 (9KOs)-0-0
Status: Inactive
Career: 2016-2018
Debut: April 30, 2016
Division: Bantamaweight
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5’ 4
Residence: Saint Paul Minnesota, USA.