My wheels: Dolibondo, ‘I learnt driving in five days’

Dolibondo, real name, Felix Jesero, is a stand-up comedian and manager of Laftaz Comedy Lounge.

Thursday August 7 2014



What car do you drive?
Toyota Will VS, made in 2002.

How much did you buy it?
$9,500 (about Sh24m),minus taxes.

Why did you choose online buying?
Whatever I went through is what car dealers go through, as businessmen they will put a profit so it is expensive here.

How much money did you save?
About Shs10m

When did you buy it?
I ordered for it on March 10, 2014.

How big is the engine of your car?
It is a 1.8cc VVT-i engine.

What do you like about this car?
It is comfortable, runs fast and it is unique. Basically I love to unique. I love the Ford Explorer mode 2010 but I cannot afford it now so I decided to get this one.

Have you been stuck on the road before?
Yes. Jonah, my manager, had to pick some things from the airport and needed a big car so I gave him the Ipsum I had by then and used his Toyota Premio. I did not give the fuel gauge attention. Luckily enough, I was not spotted by journalists but some fans saw me.

Are you particular with the colour of the car when buying?
Yes, for small cars I love silver and pearl white and black for big cars.

Where did you learn driving from?
My late uncle taught me.

How long did you take learning how to drive?
I learnt for about five days. I did not want to borrow cars since I had vowed to learn and perfect driving with my own car and not a borrowed one. It was the reason I bought an Ipsum.

What is the furthest you have driven this car?

How much fuel did you spend on this journey?
About Shs140,000

How much do you spend on fuel per day or in a week?
If I am driving from home to Laftaz Comedy Lounge (in Kampala) where I work and back home, I spend about Shs80,000 but if I have to move around town then the amount could be double.

How often do you go to service your car and how much do you spend on servicing?
Every after 30 to 40 days.

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