Thursday July 17 2014

My wheels: Ali Kasmani, ‘I have had it for 16 years’

Kasmani and hus treasure toy. We wonder what he

Kasmani and hus treasure toy. We wonder what he does when the skies open up seeing that he has no roof.PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

By Roland D. Nasasira

How have you been able to maintain your car?
My grandfather is a mechanic in the United Kingdom. Every time he comes to Uganda, he services it thoroughly well and I make sure that I drive it well.

Where did you buy it?
My father had bought it from someone many years ago for his personal work. When he finally got tired of it, he gave it to me. I have been with it since 1998.

How do you cope with maintenance?
I really don’t carry out a lot of servicing. In case of any minor mechanical problem, I do it myself because I have knowledge about auto mechanics.

When do you drive it?
I drive it for fun when I feel like I am in the mood of driving.

Have you received offers from people who have wanted to buy it?
Very many people have given me offers but I am not selling it because I take it as if it were my heart. Someone once offered me Shs50m, which was a good offer but I rejected it.
Where do you get the spare parts?
Its spare parts are hard to find but if I am to buy any, I travel to London. And when I don’t find the spare part that I need, I modify its original parts and get what I want.

Where did you get the inspiration to drive the car?
My father often told me stories about this car. The most notable was when it was driven to Mombasa from Kampala and back. I felt inspired to drive it.

Do you ever share it with your friends?
No I don’t.

What is its engine size?
It is 850cc.