Friday January 12 2018

Why you need car spoilers


By Jude Katende

Cutting through the wind can be good but it becomes better with a spoiler.
The word spoiler might sound funny but they are designed in a manner that puts you in control.
When a car is speeding between 90 and 100 kilometres per hour, it tends to be light and can easily swerve as a result of strong winds.

However, if it is fixed with spoilers, it tends to be hold down onto the road. A correctly designed spoiler counteracts the effect of the wind on the car and hold it firm of the road.
Spoilers are designed for different purposes depending on where they are fixed.

Some spoilers are fixed on the boot of the car while others are fixed on the rear sides of the car to drag or slow the car.
However, there are also those that are adjustable and can be adjusted to a certain angle as the driver might see it fit.

A good spoiler is shaped and angled to create a controlled air vortex behind the car. Controlling how the air leaves the surface of the vehicle minimises drag and increases stability.

Some cars come with factory built spoilers while others are just fixed to enhance style and resale value.
Spoilers are popular on the race cars as they have the capacity to hold a speeding car firmly on the road.

Spoiler can also influence the movement of wind, which in mechanical speak might be referred to as aerodynamic.
However, this is only possible if the manufacturer had fitted the car with the right spoilers that correspondent with the car’s aerodynamic design.

Cars are designed in a manner that they are able to drag or resist wind movement.
Therefore, manufacturers will fix particular spoilers on certain cars to correspond with their needs and modifications.
Spoilers are available in sizes and designs and sell between Shs250,000 and Shs500,000 depending on the type of car.