my wheels :Messe,‘At 16, I got my first car’

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Messe says he spends Shs40,000-Shs60,000 on fuel every week. 

By Edgar.R.Batte

Posted  Thursday, March 27   2014 at  02:00

Who is Messe?
I am Nicholas Mpirwe, a comedian, musician and into bar business.

What car do you drive?
I drive Toyota BD.

When did you buy it?
In 2010.

How much did you buy it?
I bought it at Shs24m. It is a 2000 model.

What do you like about it?
It is a spacious car. However tall someone is, they can relax and have enough leg room. If I feel like taking a nap I have enough space to sleep. All I have to do is relax the front seat.

Does it have a nickname?
Some people call it a baby Hummer.

How good or bad is its fuel consumption?
Its consumption is friendly to my pocket. It consumes less fuel like the Toyota Vitz.

How big is its engine?
It is a 1300cc but despite its small engine, it is a four-wheel drive. You can get almost everywhere with ease.

How much do you averagely spend on fuel in a week?
I can spend Shs60,000 but that means I would have moved here and there but otherwise I spend averagely Shs40,000.

Where do you stay?
I stay in Zana and on average if I am to travel from home to my work place in Rubaga, I will spend Shs6,000.

Do you ever share your car with anyone?
No, not anymore. The last time I shared it with a friend they got it scratched and my other fear in sharing it is that its spare parts are not commonly available.

Which has been the longest distance you have driven it and how much did you spend on fuel?
I have driven to Mbarara and it consumed Shs120,000 to and from Mbarara.

Do you ever wash it yourself?
They wash it for me but on Sundays I wash it. I make sure I wash it thoroughly because washing bay fellows do not wash the carpets that well. I also polish it and add perfumes.

Has it had any mechanical faults?
Not as yet. Since I bought it fairly new it is still sound and in good mechanical condition.

Which other cars have your driven?
I have driven many cars. I have driven a Toyota Starlet, Toyota Vitz, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Toyota TownAce among others.

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