Thursday November 30 2017

The versatile delivery van


By Jude Katende

Commercial delivery vans have become ideal and manufacturers are outdoing each other to put one on the market.
Today, we shall look at the Renault Kangoo, which according to Samuel Kato, a marketing professional at Merca Limited, is ideal for medium and large corporate entities for both town and out of town deliveries.

The Renault Kangoo, which comes in single cabin, is a two seater with a number of storage compartments comprising of over the head storage for paperwork, side pockets on the doors among other storage areas.

The van has an in-built tracking system that offers you an opportunity to keep track of your goods as well as a climate control facility that is ideal for perishables.

It also has an onboard computer to monitor mileage, fuel consumption and the distance covered to the next refill.
The payload is up to 800 kilogrammes, while the sliding door and the 180 degree opening of the asymmetrical rear doors ensure easy access for loading, opening, locating, unloading. The van comes with a partition that separates the passenger’s compartment from the load area.

It has an ergonomic dashboard mounted with the gear lever with an easy to reach door handles and controls.
The car can be transformed into a mobile office as it is equipped with a 12 volts power unit for device charging while the spacious interior room, the wide range of storage compartments and the improved seating position make working so much easier.

The air conditioning system provides customised thermal comfort to occupants and cargo allowing for right temperature considering what one is carrying.

Unbeatable fuel consumption
According to Samue Kato, a marketing professional at Merca Limited the van is versatile and its 1.6CC petrol engine delivery provides for an unbeatable fuel consumption rate among vans category.

The five speed manual transmission van is tuned to deliver 78 kilometre of power and 148nm of torque at low speeds and mid-range with a combined cycle of just 7.7 litres per 100 kilometres.

It comes with a three year warranty or 100,000 kilometre. Anti-corrosion warranty and paint warranty each stands at 36 months. Standard service should be at 5,000 kilometre or six months whichever comes first.