Friday April 22 2011

How to identify a gold digger

How to identify a gold digger

Gold diggers have expensive tastes and like to have glamorous lifestyles. They spend a lot of time on grooming and their looks.  

By Agnes K. Namaganda

After one traumatic episode, some men will instinctively learn to smell a gold digger miles away from the subtle combination of enticing charm and beauty she skillfully uses to bring her victims to their knees and getting them to pull out their wallets at the click of her fingers.

Some men, however, need the characteristics of gold diggers clearly spelt out for them otherwise, they cannot avoid falling into these ladies’ traps.

Gold diggers don’t come from the moon, they are ordinary girls who just seem a little more attentive to their looks and aim to have both fun and a comfortable life. They discover early that they actually don’t have to work hard to have this life, some man somewhere will finance it if they can play their cards right. Bottom line, a gold digger is in it for the money, when it dries up, she’ll be up and gone. Just like that.

Before delving into the traits of these ladies however, it is needless to say that men usually set themselves up to be exploited sometimes. Because they are smitten and would love to show that they are worth being with, they swoon over her and start showing off, telling her where they work and how much they earn.

Taking her to your plush house immediately will only cause her to pull out her tools fast and start working. Her phone will get stolen, her rent will be due and she’ll need a new outfit for the party you’re taking her to. At this point, you may be too smitten to say no, but the list of needs will keep coming.

There are men who are more than glad however to have the temporary company of these beauties in exchange for meeting their demands., a respected website for men, advises that if you’re seriously looking for a relationship, the girl before you may actually not be a gold digger, but a genuine beautiful classy girl.

To find out for sure, take her to inexpensive dates, and don’t take her to your place or tell her what you do. A gold digger will run if she doesn’t smell any money in sight while a genuine girl will stay put.

Look at of characteristics of a gold digger listed below and run if a girl exhibits any of them.

Quickly agreeing to a relationship
Somehow it seems like she was just waiting for you to come into her life. She doesn’t seem to have any qualities of what she wants in a man in mind because she’s not looking to settle down for the long haul.

Frank, a businessman, found this beautiful girl in the club and they went out for six months. To his relief, she did not ask any unsettling questions, like most girls do, about where she stood with him. When he called, she came and when she asked for money, he gave it to her. She didn’t mind that he smoked, drunk like a fish and swore like the devil.

He was slowly getting attached to her and asked to spend a weekend at his bachelor pad one day with the excuse that he had no money. She bluntly refused to come saying she needed money for rent and was going to spend the weekend figuring out how to get it. “She doesn’t work, so how else was she going to be figuring how to get it?” he asks angrily.

An unexplainable glamorous and expensive lifestyle
A gold digger goes only to expensive places for salon, dinner, shopping and hanging out. She actually knows the menu at Emin Pasha and their daily specials. This wouldn’t be a problem but she has no explainable source of income to maintain this lifestyle.

Apparently, she’s a model but modelling in Uganda hasn’t become lucrative enough for a 20-something to be able to earn enough to rent an apartment in Ntinda and furnish it that expensively. You’re sure she’s not Patricia Namayirira.

Even then, the modelling thing seems like a farce because a weekend at your place means watching movies on Monday as she gets over the hangover. She leaves on Tuesday and spends her Wednesdays in a salon re-doing her hairstyle. She starts making plans for hanging out and partying on Thursday. So, when does she work?

Secondly, there is no mention of a family fortune that could account for her expensive life and somehow, you took up all or most of her financial burdens when you stepped into her life. You’re a generous man and you have the money to spend on a beautiful girl like her, but remember she is a gold digger, only in it for your money.

Places high emphasis on looks
Because her looks are her bait, to hook unsuspecting victims who will finance her lifestyle, they are of ultimate importance to her. She changes her hairstyle every week and her long acrylic nails are always neat and kempt. She wears expensive tasteful clothes and has different kinds of sweet-smelling scents that make her irresistible. Everything about her screams classy, and nothing makes her day like turning heads as she walks or being told she’s beautiful. A very bad evening is when one of her nails breaks, she will literally weep and obssess, and getting it fixed first thing she will do when she can. Her looks are her sustenance.

Annoyingly receptive to other men’s advances
Jimmy took his drop-dead gorgeous new catch to a party with his friends. He wanted to show off but was grossly embarrassed by her behaviour. Fine, he hadn’t asked her to be his girlfriend and wasn’t thinking marriage but he had only just met her.
There’s that unwritten rule of etiquette that once you go for an outing with someone, you try to stay close to them because they took you there for company. Not this girl.

She was dirty-dancing with anyone who cared and whenever a man pulled her to the side, she not only went, but would be very pleased with whatever sweet nothings they were telling her, smiling captivatingly and giggling. She even accepted two numbers from other guys.

Jimmy thought of storming out of the place and leaving her but knew that she would gladly and immediately get company for the night. He pulled her out, dropped her off and dumped her, and warned her against his friends.
With this list, we hope it will be easier for you to identify and steer clear of gold diggers.