Saturday August 9 2014

Secrets to making it on the red carpet


By Flora Aduk

For one whose appearance always looks flawless, one would think she would nod in pride.
A sucker for comfort
But no, Dominic says pulling off that glamour is not as hard as it appears because she relies on one simple aspect-comfort. “When dressing up for an event, I just think about how comfortable I am. If I’m not comfortable, I won’t wear it,” she says.

A look through the outfit choices she has made at different events reveals mostly long elegant decent gowns. Sometimes body hugging and other times free flowing, the kind a woman confident about her curves would wear.

Fashion blunder
But surely, there must have been some wardrobe disasters despite what looks like a meticulous appearance. “Once I wore what I thought suited an event and ended up being overdressed. I felt so ridiculous that day,” says Dominic.

Spa treatments keep one youthful
And how does the 39-year-old actress keep her body in shape? “I exercise regularly, go to the spa and have massages. Besides, I drink a lot of water, about 13 glasses a day. Eating right is also very important,” she says.

Nonetheless, she attributes her looks to her parents whom she says blessed her with good skin.
When it comes to make up, she prefers simply wearing lipstick and eye makeup, however she has had to wear face powder or foundation as per her roles and appearances. Smoky eyes are her favourite look.

With the red carpet drawn out, the camera lenses on focus, only your best foot forward will do. Well at least that should be your intention the moment you get an invite to a glamourous or red carpet event that calls for you to dress up befitting of the pomp of the occasion.

This could be a movie premier, an awards ceremony, and high end party, among others. When you look at the images of the stars taken during award ceremonies, it is easy to be intimidated.

However, Nollywood actress Rita Dominic believes it is not that hard and so we borrow some lessons from her different looks.

Sexy and sassy
Always spotting decent but sexy outfits, Dominic’s choice of this purplish satin dress coupled with an elaborate chunky necklace spell glamour.

A low cut top can be moderated by necklace and a slit added to a lengthy skirt lets you show off your great legs.

Glitz and glamour
The blue sparkles from a distance as if announcing the star she is from a far. Don’t be shy to go all out on an elaborate dress coupled with glittery jewellery for a red carpet event.

A bad hair day need not ruin things for you, you can simply make a matching head dress.

Dress down
A cream loose cotton blouse coupled with fitting leather pants and nude heels plus a wild hairstyle would fit perfectly at an event which though not red carpet is still glamorous.

This can best be worn to a party or cocktail. Simple but still stylish.

Elegant monochrome
Dominic sure knows how to pick her headdress. The turban complements her elegant floor-length dress.

Her pick of a nude colour with a green clutch shows a woman in touch with the times. Take on the adventure with a very long fitting gown in one colour.

Going adventurous with one’s accessories such as shoes make one stand out. Dominic’s loose fitting yellow chiffon dress is an attraction enough.

However, pairing it with red checkered shoes makes one’s attention wander to other components of her look. She goes low on the jewellery like a bracelet and ring since the shoes and dress are doing a lot of talking.