Dickson Zizinga: I’m not married; just a man with a wife

Known for his comedy acts with Fun Factory, Lawrence Ogwal digs deeper into the life of the comedian who also doubles as a television presenter.

Saturday June 14 2014

Zizinga says he has fathered five children with four women,

Zizinga says he has fathered five children with four women, but that does not make him a married man. Photo by Rachel Ajwang. 

Describe yourself.
I am Dickson Zzizinga, a simple man. I’m 40 years old. I like calling myself an amphibian because I’m always free with every situation. Just like an amphibian which can live both on water and land.

Where did you attend school?
I went to Kangulumira Nursery School in Kayunga District, then joined St Ponsiano Primary School, and I went to Kampala Secondary School, thereafter.
I joined Pioneer Adult School in Kayunga before enrolling for Adult Literacy in 2005 and Basic Education Centre (ALBEC) at Makerere University, in 2006.
Are you married?
It depends on what you call married. To me, a married man is the one with an official wife. I have five children from four different mothers and all of them are from different tribes. Even when filling the national identity card registration forms, you do not fill in that you’re married when you don’t have a marriage certificate. I don’t have it, so, I’m not a married man.
So, you don’t expect to get married?
I’m going to remain a man with a wife, but not a married man.

What do you like or hate in a relationship?
Care and patience are what I like best in a relationship. When partners care for each other, it keeps a relationship going strong. The one thing I hate in a relationship is lack of respect for each other.
When I say lack of respect, I’m referring to things like cheating. The other thing would be doing the exact things you know your partner doesn’t like, such as getting wasted away from over drinking.

Do you mind women making their first move on a man?
At first I used to mind it because I considered such women cheap, but now we are living in another world, a free world. A world where a woman is free to choose what she wants, therefore I find that very okay.

Would you date a woman who is not educated?
Whether educated or not, I don’t care. I just want a woman who can respect me as her husband.

Would you let a woman take care of your responsibilities at home?
Yes, if she earns more than I do. Why not? I cannot stop her from paying the bills; school fees, rent and all other necessities when I know she earns more than me, I could be in position to afford them but only when I know without any doubt that she can afford to pay for everything. I would feel bad about it though.
My only fear is some women take advantage of that and don’t respect you because you earn less than they do. I want one who can still take my orders and treat me like the head of the family, regardless of the income inequalities.

What is the one trait in you that you would like your wife to also have?
The same way I don’t like associating and making friends with single men, I would not want my wife to have friends who are not in relationships either. Such friends, instead of advising her accordingly, would give her negative counsel. I imagine that perhaps most of them are not in relationships because they are in multiple relationships. I fear t