Sunday January 21 2018

Looks are deceptive

Housen Mushema, second chance, uganda, looks, deceptive

Housen Mushema 

By Esther Oluka

You look fresh and physically fit.
Thank you.

Do you work out?
Yes, I do cardiovascular exercises which are intended to raise the heart rate and this includes jogging and weight lifting.

Is the box-shaped hair cut part of your signature look?
Not really. I cut it according to a project I am working on at a particular time.

For people who may not be familiar with you, what would you briefly say about yourself?
I am Housen Mushema, aged 25. I sat my Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) at Kibuli Demonstration School. I sat for both Senior Four (2009) and Senior Six (2011) at East High School, Ntinda. I later joined Makerere University and studied a Bachelors in Records and Archives Management and graduated in 2015.

What is your current profession?
I am a model, runway coach, fashion show producer, actor and farmer. I, however, tend to spend more time on film since it consumes most of my time.

What kind of food do you grow as a farmer?
I grow maize.

What is the secret (s) to juggling all these professions?
It takes hard work, humility, commitment and discipline. It is also important that one schedules themselves to do everything in its right time.

Could you highlight some of the movie and series productions you been part of?
I have played the character of Balikoowa in the local drama-comedy series, Balikoowa in the city and acted as Sokke in The Hostel series, among others. There is an upcoming television series called Reflections that I am also part of portraying the character of McKenzie Mulumba. Away from the film industry, I have also appeared in some music videos including Otubatisa by Irene Ntale and Sheeba and Kyana gwe by Leila` Kayondo.

How come you joined the cast of Ugandan version of Second Chance mid season?
Initially, I auditioned for the role but was not selected. But when the actor who had been performing as Andrew left the series, the casting director called me. It was not an easy transition since viewers were already used to the other person. So, when I started doing the part, I was under a lot of pressure to work extremely hard to deliver. Andrew is the most hated character in the series and at times, I had to act certain scenes knowing that the reaction from the viewers was going to be harsh. But I enjoyed acting as Andrew, the villain and annoying monster as many viewers referred to him.

Some people claim you are a proud man
They are lying. They think I am proud probably because of how I look and carry myself. But I am used to what people say now. I know I am a good guy. But just like everyone else, there are moments I just want to be left alone.

If you are not proud, then, what kind of person are you?
I am approachable, especially if one has business to discuss. I am also outgoing and fun, especially around people that I know.

Are you in a relationship?
I am neither married nor have children. However, I am in a relationship.

What do you think makes relationships fail today?
There are several reasons, some of these include poor communication among partners, lack of trust, unfaithfulness as well as the different careers the parties pursue.

What kind of women put you off?
Those with undesirable personality. I love women with class, those who respect themselves and other people.

What does your partner think about intimate scenes you have played or may have to do?
In the beginning, she found it difficult to accept the fact that doing intimate scenes is part of my job as an actor. But we talked about it. Over time, she has learnt to accept that I am only doing my job.

Which woman do you admire most and why?
Every woman I have an opportunity to work with in my life. They have incredible strong work ethics that I have personally been able to incorporate in my career life.

Best advice from a woman
There was a woman I really loved in 2014. It however seemed that my status could not make her the girl she envisioned herself in future. At the time, I was not in position to either give her a lot of money or fly her out of the country.
So, one day she left a note on my bed reading, “Make money so you can afford to take me out (and) not that cheap love of yours.”
The words on that note hit me hard. These are the words that pushed me to work hard and today, I am starting to reap fruits. The woman is no longer part of my life.