Saturday February 16 2013

Man Talk: The Hot Maid: Are women unnecessarily dramatic?

Man Talk: The Hot Maid: Are women unnecessarily dramatic?


Most may not admit it, but women have specifications for who will be hired under their roofs as a help; no one obviously tempting. Do the men think this is a necessary precaution though?

I believe it is necessary drama only if the couple have trust issues or other marital/relationship problems. If a man’s proclivity is to “bang” anything that moves, it will not matter what the help looks like. But then again, if two people are in a relationship and one of them still strays over the help, maybe they need to review their liaison. if she is susceptible to being seduced by the hot houseboy, the problem is not with the houseboy, it is with us.

In today’s world where both parties work out of the home, there are very many risks of someone being seduced/drawn into an affair. But that doesn’t mean people should quit their jobs. Relationships call for maturity. I believe the more you try to ‘protect’ your significant other, the greater the risk of being cuckolded. when you have lived as long as I have, you’ll learn that there’s always another hot thigh around the corner. Difference is the hot thigh round the corner does not come with as many encumbrances as the hot thigh under my roof. I have also learnt that a man can control his actions; not having any of that bullshit mbu men are visual so they do not calculate before they jump in the sack. That is called survival. It leads to a long happy life.

“If you hire a gal who’s hotter than you, and then start stressing me with your mood swings and saying how you are not in the mood, forgetting that for men sometimes all I care about is getting some and I dont mind if she is described by the title House girl, it is on you. I am not one of those pple who says NEVER... I know that things can be complicated.

Truth is some women have insecurities, and they are right by any means. Some maids can turn into something else after staying at the house for a while, and if she is pretty, she will become a serious disruption to any man. So if the wife stays focused on her career Job and less on her wifely duties, the maids will focus on taking care of her man...and anything can happen. I know you will say- How low can men scoop really, a maid!!? Yes it can happen! But also the thought of having a gu-ugly maid walking around the house... making you juice and all that is not Kaawa

Eugene Mugisha
I totally understand when she fires the hot maid. Why on earth would she even hire her in the first place? Even maid agencies should have the common sense to realise that their’s is not a dating/hook-up service, and not hire the hot ones. No need to put unnecessary tempation in the mister’s path.

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Benjie, the liberal: 27, single and around
Eugene Mugisha: 28, “the dating guru”
Andrew, just Andrew: 29, In a relationship
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