Saturday July 12 2014

The comedian

 Philip Luswata

Philip Luswata 

By Arafat Ndugga

Do you think you are handsome?
Hahaha...I do not know. Maybe my wife would know better and possibly the fans that watch me.

Tell me what you think is the sexiest thing about your?
I don’t have anything specific because I prostitute my body to the people for a living but it would be unfair to my whole body to give praise to one body part I appreciate my body in totality.

Would you “do it“on the first date?
As a disclaimer I am married man and I have a wife, so I will not answer such a question.

Tell me about your wife, how did you meet?
We met in 2006, but I cannot really point out how we met. What I recall is that it was good and relevant at the time since she was my boss.

Why did you date your boss?

She was a production manager for the script I was working on. I looked for a woman who was appealing to me and she was the one who responded to my calling.

Do you have children with her?
I have three children with her, in Primary Seven, one and nursery. Spaced, because I produce according to financial status and the response from the wife.
What attracted you to her?
I do not know, it was just normal to be with her. I do not think there is a man who can respond to such a question because their partners would utilise that opportunity to weaken you, so that is my hidden playing card and I do not share it with people.

What do you think of friends with benefits?
They can be costly and emotionally damaging.

Did you ever crush on anyone as a teenager?
I had multiple crushes but the major one was on a girl called Anne who was in the same class with me. I One day, I sent her bangles, which was a stupid idea because she replied that she did not wear bangles. I was traumatised for four years and I let it go since I tried all my luck but failed.

Do you or have you ever watched porn?
It will be redundant for me to do so. Am a creative person and so in my youth I was exposed to everything entertaining and am still exposed? I don’t know if you have got my parable.

Has a woman ever made a move on you?
I don’t know maybe they have sent signal suggestions and couldn’t recognise them.

Have you fallen in love without realising it before?
I have always been conscious of where I’m heading.

You got married recently, how did you propose?
I have never proposed to anyone, whatever I do comes its own way. I just did my thing and she fell prey, I am not a guy who will kneel down to ask anything.

What is the one thing you are most shamed of doing to her?
I do not think there is any thing because I’m not a violent person who beats her up.

Have you ever cheated on her?
There is no African man in his right senses who can answer such a question.

Do you still think about your first love?
No. I’m now in an elevated relationship so I cannot hang around dwelling on past things.

Would you date a pagan?
I hate atheists who don’t appreciate superiority from God just because of their mental redundancy.

Do you believe that there is one love for everyone?
I don’t think so, because even your mother can kill you. Bottom line is unfortunate people take chances for others.

What lessons have you learnt in relationships?
Somebody has to bend low for the other partner, dedication is needed in love, listening is vital and appreciating each other.

When did you join the arts industry?
If I can recall, its 1995 but can’t trace back how I started. I was just a victim of my own abilities from the word go.
Because I was creative, I opted to join something that my passion craved. Additionally, I may term it as a calling from God.

What challenges have you faced?
My biggest challenge has been working with people who do not share the hope and patience towards achieving a good business experience for the future. In our business, it is like walking in mud and one expects to leave footprints, but people do not want to train others. But people also disappoint a lot because they do not value time invested in them.

When do you intend to retire?
I’m a goal-driven person, so I have to fulfill my passion and I want to leave a legacy in the arts industry.